Awaken the senses// My Fragrance Favorites

If you're wondering why you haven't heard about new hair products lately, that's because I've been focusing my attention on creating my perfume collection.   Or should I say, elevating my perfume collection.  There are few words to describe the feeling of being surrounded by your favorite aromas that generate emotions of beauty, femininity and luxury all at once.

I owned quite an extensive scent collection which included everything from body sprays to perfume oils but the experience I get with designer scents is unmatched.    The minute I mist myself, my mood immediately changes. I carry myself differently. I become a new woman.  They say that we create a higher level of energy & attraction if we feel good throughout the day.  My intention is to constantly generate powerful feelings for myself as often as possible.  These fragrances help create that for me.  I don't want to save that experience only for special occasions, I want it every day.

What are your favorite indulgent scents at the moment?

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  1. I live with Chloe Love. That is my scent. I become myself when I use it.

    I was named after Chanel nr 5 and have always loved that scent, but since I've discovered Chanel Noir, I've been battling with these two.

    Chanel noir suits me more nowadays. I think it's heavier and thus attributes to me feeling more mature.


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