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  (Chanel Hobo  I previously lusted after in a Currently Craving post)

I was long overdue for a handbag organization session. Being one of those people who likes to carry everything with them, it's important that I organize on a regular basis.

I adore large bags.  On the one hand, larger bags make it easy for me to always have everything handy, but on the flip side, I always find myself carrying more than what I need.  That's why I tried *my best* to reduce what I carry with me to the bare essentials.

1. Water, water, water
4. Ipad Mini
10. Snack bar - Matcha
12. Ipod
13. Makeup case - LV
14. Oil blend - Gleau travel size
15. Portable battery

One will never catch me in the street without a bottle of water handy.  I realize that since my diet is so limited, it makes sense to have healthy snacks with me as well.  Normally, I'll throw a few Kind bars in my bag but this time I stocked up on these awesome Matcha Green Tea snacks. They look weird but taste way better than they look.  
Right now I'm wearing my hair straight so I just need a couple of things to keep it happy. As always, Gleau keeps it soft and provides a remarkable shine.  I also stocked back up on my It's a 10 with Keratin.  My straightened hair responds so well to this.  Just a few spritz on dry hair and all is well again.  

My main beauty essentials are kept pretty simple.  Just some sunscreen, my MAC Studio Tech, YSL eyeshadow and a series of lip glosses and lip sticks.  And, of course, I like to carry a few travel size fragrances with me as well. 

I tend to have lots of tech stuff including 2 cell phones *one for work*.  Without my portable battery charger, I am in deep doo doo.  I love this thing because I can charge the Blackberry, the Iphone, the Ipad, and the Ipod using the one charger.  I have panic attacks if I don't have it on hand.  And since I travel quite a bit, I don't fret if the power outlet at the airport is occupied.

What are the everyday must haves that go in your bag?


  1. my dear, you are an excellent example of the Law of Attraction:) You put it out in the universe that you wanted this purse, and now you have it. Simple. Everything looks so neat and organized, I find that receipts and random post-it notes tend to take over my purses:(

    Still waiting on that handbag collection!!

  2. I've been debating doing a handbag collection video (I spend hours watching them). Still on the fence. The other night a friend asked what I do to attract my intentions. I shared my thoughts with her and decided to do an upcoming Monday Motivation article on the subject.

  3. OMG - Did you get the Audi? I see Audi keys!! As the previous poster said, you are an excellent example of the Law of Attraction. Please, please, please do a series on this. I've been doing alot of studying lately on positive mindsets, speaking what you want into existence and giving thanks before receiving it. And just reading your posts, I believe that life will change for me also. You are such an inspiration! (You're actually my online BFF! LOL)

  4. You know, I don't have a lot in my bags but two must haves are my shades (usually from my line) and lip gloss.

    Confessions Of A City Girl / Enerjiee

  5. Cool post, I decided to do one myself check it out....


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