SPF: So Perfect & Flawless. How sunscreen gives me beautiful skin

Skin Care
Sometimes I struggle to remain consistent with using my beauty products but I have to hand it to myself because I've been religious about daily use of sunscreen. After reading a few articles where ageless beauties like Iman and Gabrielle Union gushed about their daily devotion to sunscreen, I finally decided to get serious and made sure it became an everyday practice. Every single day after applying my apple cider vinegar toner, I reach for a serum then layer on a sunscreen moisturizer.

Let me just say how much I have benefited from my diligence.  Seems like my acne doesn't scar as severely as  in the past.  Throughout my skin care journey, I've struggled between controlling by breakouts and managing the scars.  Feels like a viscous cycle where I'm constantly dealing with one issue or another.  I have the upper hand when I combine daily sun protection with my exfoliation routine.  When a pimple clears, the long term effects aren't as devastating as they were in the past.  I can focus now creating clear skin and let the rest take care of itself.

Now that I'm a believer in daily sunscreen, I've decided to step things up a notch and transition to an SPF 50 formula for the summer months.  In the past I would be turned off by the slightly white hue of many of the sun protection products out there. But, with the help of the Iman BB Creme, this isn't a concern for me. After applying my current sunscreen, I add the IMAN beauty balm to bring a little color back to my skin and all is right with the world again.

Then there's the fact that UV rays are probably the number cause of premature aging.  Fine line, wrinkles, age spots and tough leathery skin are all part of the package when you chose to go head to head with the elements unprotected. So  not only am I promoting even toned skin but I'm also protecting my skin for the precious future. I wrote a post a while back about my future self and what she would wish I did today.  I'm 100% certain that the future me is counting on my consistent use of sunscreen to create even toned skin and to keep my skin looking healthy for the rest of my life.  I want her to know that I won't let her down.


  1. This is a great post, perhaps it is my ignorance or belief in myths, but I didn't think sunscreen was something women of color should concern ourselves with. I don't see how it could hurt so I will definitely research products. I don't really have a skin care regimen so I will just look for a great sunscreen.

  2. Please know that you should not apply anything over or after sunscreen. Sunscreen is not effective if you do. You can mix your cream with it, before applying, or use a product that contains a (hopefully non-chemical sunscreen - preferably a sunblock using titanium dioxide) sunscreen.

  3. Hi the skinceutical one, how bad is the cast/residue? A couple of sites suggested it for dark skinned women so ive been on the fence..what's your review? or perhaps you can swatch? Thanks in advance!

  4. Yes, to add on to yada's comment, can you post reviews of how each sunscreen worked for you?

  5. The Shiseido is an excellent choice but if you're not careful your face might look a bit white if you don't rub it in quickly. It's also awesome because I found it at TJ Maxxx for about half of what you would normally pay. Great post!


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