The Clarisonic PRO experience that left me wanting more

Skin Care
I mentioned recently that I visited a skin care studio for a long over due facial.   We already talked about the harmonized waters that I was introduced to as a result of my visit.  But I neglected to tell you about another find that has been on my mind ever since.

There I was, laying on the massage bed, when my facialist announces that she's going to cleanse my face.  Normally, this means that she would apply then remove the cleanser using a warm washcloth.  This time, after applying the product, I heard the familiar sound of a Clarisonic facial brush.  Having owned a Clarisonic, I thought I knew what I was in for. The instant the brush touched my face, I knew that something different was happening.  She used the Clarisonic as one would normally, but the entire experience felt amazing.  The brush was super firm and the rotation was powerful.  It felt like my face was being massaged, exfoliated, and cleansed all at once.  I wanted it to last forever.

Suddenly, the buzzing stopped and she put the facial tool away.  Then she began to talk about the next step in the process but I couldn't hear a word she was saying.  My mind was fixated on what just happened.  After a while,  I couldn't take it anymore. I interrupted her mid-sentance  and announced, "that Clarisonic felt different than mine."  Calmly, she replied "that's because I used the Clarisonic Pro."  She went on to talk about how the pro version had a bit more power  and every once in a while she was able to get one on discount if I was interested.  I filed that piece of information in the back of mind for future reference.  We moved on to the topic of harmonized waters and the rest was history.

For the last several weeks, my schedule has been insane (for lack of a better word).  I haven't had the time to visit the steam room and I neglected the use of my Clarisonic.  Those two circumstances worked together to create congested, dull skin.  When I touched the surface of my face, I could feel roughness that stemmed from the build up of dead skin, oil, etc.  I spent a few days wondering what I could do to address the issue. I tried Biore pore strips (which did nothing).  I also applied my Mandelic Acid peel which helped but didn't really resolve my issue.

Finally, my salvation came in the form of my Clarisonic (original).  For the first time in weeks, I turned that baby on and used it as I normally would.  This time, however, I went through the entire cycle twice because I felt it necessary.  Once I was done, I noticed a difference IMMEDIATELY!


When I touch my face, I feels smooth again.  My pores are clean & small.  Knowing how effective this tool is makes me want the Clarisonic Pro even more.  I would love to use the Pro right now.  It almost feels like my encounter with the Pro version was like meeting someone new even though you are happily involved.  Sure, you love your main squeeze to death, but the new one offers something more....and you can't wait to experience that again.

This is why the Clarisonic Pro has made it immediately to the top of my Cravings List.  I'm completely sold by it's ability to deep clean, exfoliate and promote circulation all at once (with options of up to 4 speeds).  Oh, and I forgot to mention that the Pro comes with a body brush.  I know my neck, chest, shoulders and back would love to experience this.  For the time being, I will bring my faithful Clarisonic back into rotation.  Meanwhile, in the back of my mind, I'm secretly planning the day when the Pro and I will finally be together again.


  1. I have the cheap Olay Pro-X brush, and i've unfortunately neglected it for the past few weeks or so. Like you I can definitely feel the difference in my skin. I would really like to try the clarisonic, but I find the price a little prohibitive. But I will definitely grab my Pro-X tonight and wait for the magic to happen.

  2. I haven't used my Clarisonic lately (mainly because I need a new brush head) but I can tell the difference when I use it regularly. I hardly have any breakouts and my skin glows. Definitely going to read more on the Pro and see if it is something I should invest in.

  3. Nothing compares to the Clarisonic. I've had mine for a while now and it's simply amazing. The dermatologist recommended only using it once or twice weekly although the aesthetician recommended using it daily. I use it as-needed, a blended approach of the two.


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