3 wonderful benefits I enjoy when I sweat everyday

I'm making it a mission to involve myself in activities that cause me to sweat as part of a daily ritual.  In the past, I would have told you that I absolutely hated sweating.  First of all it's uncomfortable, secondly you feel icky, and third you smell unpleasant.

That was then.  Now my perspective has completely changed.  If I could have my way, I'd make it a point to sweat every day.  In fact, the desire to sweat is motivating me to work out even more so than the desire for a toned body.  Why?  Because I'm one of those people who seeks immediate benefits.  Every time I sweat during a workout, I receive real time benefits that keep me coming back for more.

 {increased circulation}
There is nothing like the look of my skin if I engage in regular sweating sessions.  As the sweat comes to the surface of the skin, so comes with it traces of impurities and toxins.  Because our body temp rises, our pores are open which allow for a deeper "cleansing" than what we normally do at the surface level.  I notice a distinct difference when I take a shower on a normal day versus after a workout session.  There's more dirt and other impurities removed after I've been sweating.  Does the act of sweating make us dirtier? No.  But I feel like it helps loosen the dirt, dead cells, etc that are on our skin's surface and makes it much easier for us to remove (especially if you have a great exfoliation routine).  My skin is softer and brighter than it's ever been thanks to my commitment to sweat on a regular basis.

(fresh faced selfie taken in car after workout/sauna session @ gym)

{heart pumping/deeper breathing}
Words aren't able to describe the feeling of invigoration and aliveness one experiences after a hard earned work out.  Long ago, when I exercised, my goal was to do as much as possible without breaking a sweat.  When the work out was over, I continued on with my day feeling like I didn't accomplish anything.  Now, I look forward to the sweat.  I'm sure this has to do with the higher levels of oxygen in my blood from engaging in strenuous exercise.  Another thing I noticed about myself is that I experience even more energy after a vigorous workout (not the opposite).  I leverage that energy to accomplish more throughout my day that I would normally do otherwise.

 {greater calorie burning}
And of course, the greatest side effects of sweating every day are the changes to our bodies.  I had it all wrong.  Before I would exercise for the purpose of sculpting my body.  When that happened, I stopped after I felt like I reached my goal.  Now I think differently, my goal is to sweat as frequently as possible. The toned, healthy body is just an amazing side effect that I'll enjoy as long as I maintain this ritual.

When I talk about sweating every day, I'm not speaking of the passive sweating  that happens in the summer time if you stand too long in the sun.  No, my friend, I'm referring to active sweating created by you when you are in motion or when you visit the sauna.  If you want to get adventurous, you might even take a hot yoga class.  No matter what you do, make it goal of yours to sweat every day.


  1. Yes!! I work out heavily 5 days a week and the more I sweat, the better my skin looks and the better I feel. Totally agree with you on all points!!

  2. ive really loved working out recenlty as well am making it a point to work out atleast twice a day


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