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The idea came of steeping bamboo tea bags in room temp water came to me in a fleeting thought but I took no action.  Then, days later, I received an email from someone asking if I thought it could be done.  She often creates fruit infused water adding lemons, cucumber, green tea and other wonderful ingredients to her water gallon.

This, of course, was a sign that I needed to try it for myself.  After reaching for a glass from my cupboard, I added a bamboo tea bag to room temperature water and waited.
Minutes later, the water shifted to a beautiful light green indicating that some of the properties had infused into the water.  Excited, I emailed her back sharing the discovery.  Ever since, I've been toggling back and forth between hot bamboo tea and bamboo water.  I even add a few pieces of frozen fruit to sweeten if needed.  This method is going to serve me well as the weather continues to get warmer. It's good to have choices.  Move over Fiji, you're no longer the only silica water in town.


  1. Say what?!? I am doing this first thing in the morning as i am forever drinking flavoured water

    xo Stephanie

  2. I tried this the other day when you posted it on your IG. Instead of steeping the bag a second time, I actually put it into cold water, it turned the light green as you mentioned but although I felt that I was getting some benefits, I have to figure out what I will use to sweeten. I have not acquired a taste for the tea without I will either have to drink until I get used to it, or find an alternative sweetener for when I am drinking it in cold/room temp water.

  3. Absolutely you can use the tea leaves in cooked food or simply dry them and soak in oil or vinegar and use on foods like salads etc. As far as steeping the tea I like to leave the tea bags in while I drink the tea so as long as possible. I also use them more than once by boiling the tea bag the 2nd and 3rd time. I allow the bag to sit in my tervis tumbler all day at work refilling with water dinking my soul happy!

  4. I will try this, thanks for the tip


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