Create a hair growth spurt now!

What if I told you that a simple change in lifestyle could create a multitude of benefits including healthier skin, a fit & toned body, and (most importantly) incredibly healthy hair growth.  Would you believe me?  I'm not sure I would have believed me if I hadn't read stories of others who attest to the amazing results for themselves.

What is this new habit I speak of?  I'll tell you only if you promise to partake in it.   Promise?  Ok great! A young lady shared the secret on a forum, after being inspired by another (longhaired) member, who embodied healthy eating and exercise.  So she adjusted her lifestyle to include 5 fruits & veggies a day along with working out an average of six days a week.    What happened next?  It appears that she spawned a "crazy growth spurt" over the course of the subsequent three months following the change

After sharing her story,  others came out of the woodwork cosigning with her experience by discussing their own growth spurt story from the times when they too worked out AND ate healthy.  Let me stress the importance of AND in the last sentence.  Many of the ladies who chimed in mentioned that the growth spurt was achieved without the help of hair vitamins.  Some said that working out alone, without healthy eating, either did little to impact growth or, in one case, caused adverse effects.  Exercise causes our bodies to utilize nutrients to make up for the increase calorie burn.  It's our duty to (re)fuel with high nutrition foods.

So why does our hair respond so favorably to a healthy diet and exercise?  I suspect it has to do with the increase level of circulation and blood flow carrying with it the added nutrition from the healthy eating all throughout our body.  Plus, when we become active, our water intake increases as a natural result of all that sweating.  Combine these three factors and you've created the perfect environment for healthy growing  hair.

And I'm not even going to mention how your jeans will fit better, your confidence will soar, your skin will take on that glow one gets from sweating every day.  There are no down sides to this thing.  If you want to read the first hand experiences for yourself check out the full details here.  Then get moving!

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  1. Wow really thoughtful write up , i never thought of this before , the good diet is a great way to make one's hair good looking and shiny. i'll make a daily routine as stated , and will stick to it for a good diet for my good looking hair :)


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