In the nude.

There was this time in my life when I was on a constant, endless search for the perfect nude nail color. Everywhere I looked, there was yet another shade I coveted.  Then the realization hit me.  I would never find the perfect shade..... because they're  all perfection in their own way.

Nude/sheer nail colors are like lingerie.  They add just enough coverage but still allow the natural beauty to peak through.  Nude nails are classy, understated and incredibly flattering.  If you enjoy rocking finger accessories, nude nails allow them to shine without causing your hands to appear gaudy and cluttered.  

I invite you to begin your search for your perfect nude if you haven't already done so.
strong, healthy nails thanks to the help of bamboo tea | Wearing Revlon Grey Suede
Oh, and I'm still on the look out for my next pick so please share your favorite nude nail polish in the comments.


  1. I love nude polishes as well. So much so that I find that all I want to wear are nude colors. because they look so classy, go with any color clothing and shoes and just look fabulous!!

    Try a color named Annemarie by Julep. You will love it! It also does not contain the harmful chemicals some of the other brands do.

  2. I have some of your recommendations. I also recommend San Tan-Tonio by OPI and Brain Power by Sephora Formula X collection.


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