Instagram Beauty Secrets Part 4

Time for another roundup of beauty secrets from the world of Instagram. Every once in a while someone on my feed will share a little glimpse of the products they swear by.  When that happens, I'm all ears.  We've been introduced to so many little gems in the past.  I can't wait to show you the next round of beauty essentials.
Miss Alisha shared a pic showcasing her lush, thick hair, thanks to the help of Delta Labs, with the following caption.
"Those of you who know me, remember my bleach blonde hair and how it was always short because it was so unhealthy! My hair has never been better.  But not only that, I'm getting great benefits with my skin. #clearskin #longhairdontcare #teamdeltalabs


By scrolling through Johanna's timeline, I was introduced to the "5 Minute Facial" mask from Rodial. Never heard of the brand before but I'm totally interested.  You all know that I adore facial masks. Especially those that claim to be facials in a jar.   Here's what Johanna had to say:

"Trying this and the acid exfoliating pads from Rodial.  Both are amazing."

Although I'm intrigued by the mask. I'm even more excited about the fruit acid exfoliating pads to keep my skin glowing.  Can't wait to try it.

Purseblog's timeline is normally filled with designer purses that one could only dream about.  When they took a moment to interrupt their regularly scheduled content to share their beauty must haves, I listened.

"Two products I can't live without. Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish and advanced therapy lip treatment.

I'm already a huge fan of Fresh Products. Now that I think about it, I probably use more Fresh products than anything else for my skin including the Umbra Clay Mask, The Soy Face Cleanser, Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment, Exfoliating Face Wash, and the Sugar Lip scrub.  As for body polish, I'm quite happy with Tree Hut's Shea Scrub but my interest has certainly peaked.  I'll have to pick up a sample next time I'm at Sephora.

 Marianna Hewitt had wonderful things to share with us about Evian's Facial Spray.
"Summer time essentials. Water in a can sounds stupid I know, but I love this Evian Facial spray so much I carry it with me everywhere. You can use it to refresh makeup and set it.  I always travel with it because airplanes dry out my skin. Does anyone else love it as much as me? 
It gets really hot here in the summer time.  I put on my makeup before I leave the house and, by the time I get to the car, I've sweat it all off.  This Evian spray is my absolute next purchase. It will be in my bag at all times (ALL TIMES).  There's also a secondary motive for buying this.  After trying unsuccessfully to mist my hair with water via the Misto Sprayer, I see this as a Plan B. Whenever I travel, I can hydrate my face and my hair all at once.  Brilliant!

Never in my life have I heard of a probiotic facial wash until last week.  Immediately, my mind went back to the warnings Lady Dee gave me about never touching my face if I ever wanted to have clear skin.  She knew that our hands carry bacteria that can clog pores and promote breakouts. This product may be the answer to this dilemma.   

Here's what she had to say about her radiant skin cleanser. 
"One of my favorite cleansers: I've used dozens but the ones that best maintain my skin are usually natural. This probiotic enriched bar helps greatly with halting breakouts if your skin is going crazy. It also minimizes inflammation of existing pimples. Combining probiotics and cleansing/detoxifying clays this soap helps deep clean while encouraging healthy pH & bacterial balance. I've seen it work great for people with eczema as well.  #favebeautyproduct #powerofprobiotics #acne.


  1. I haven't tried the Elian water, but I do use the Caudalie grape water version. And sometimes I do use it to quickly moisturize my hair. That probiotic cleanser looks interesting!

  2. I can't live without the fresh sugar lip treatment. I have that and the lip gloss and the body scrub. I didn't feel like it was any different than just mixing sugar and olive oil though


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