Look Her Look | Rihanna's layered anklets

We recently featured Rihanna's court side look and here we are again with another spark of inspiration.   Like her last look, Rihanna went for simplicity with fitted demin and a white crop top.
Urban Outfitters Layered Anklet | YSL Heels (similar) | ASOS Toe Ring Anklet (sale)

 What stood out for me was the subtle layering of anklets with her minimalist heels.  This immediately grabbed my attention because, just days earlier, I happened upon these pair of Isabrel Marant chain heels (seen below).   

Seems like these heels are hard to come by online so I was elated to see Rihanna's DYI version.  The look is beyond flattering.  I love how Rihanna leveraged white polish to add a little dramatics to the neutral look.  Adding dainty chain anklets to my must have wish list.

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