RIP Babyliss Steam Iron (I found something better).

Healthy Hair
Seemed like only yesterday when I was overcome with excitement over the thought of having a steam powered flat iron. After much success using steam rollers and steam conditioning treatments, a flat iron that straightens with the power of steam seemed like the next logical step. One use and I was hooked. I have over five flat irons and the Babyliss was by far my favorite. You could imagine the anguish I felt after realizing that my beloved no longer worked. I mean, sure it still turned on, and functioned like a normal iron but that wasn't good enough.  I needed the steam to give my hair that additional boost of moisture that no other iron could provide.  Desperate for options, I contacted Conair to find out what could be done.
Their customer service is pretty impressive. Each time I called, I was greeted by a helpful representative who helped as much as they could.  In a last ditch attempt to bring my baby back to health, I shipped it off for repair.  Weeks past.  After hearing nothing back I called for an update.  I feared the worst as I waited on hold for the rep to look up the status of my iron.  When she returned to the line, I was informed of the bad news.  The steam iron model I owned discontinued.  There were no parts available to repair her.  I was devastated.

Even before the conversation ended I started scouring the web for alternatives.  The exact model I owned was unavailable on Amazon.  The only other options were to fork out $600.00 for one on Ebay.    I loved the iron but wasn't willing to spend that kind of money for it.  Then I stumbled upon a similar model in red for less than I paid for my original iron.  I lit up with excitement and was ready to place my order when my eyes landed on this.  Redken's version of a steam iron!  I noticed the price and immediately wanted it.  My assumption was the price was related to its quality & performance and, judging by the over-esthatic reviews, I'm probably right.  Over and over again, this professional level iron was called "the best flat iron ever" by reviewers.  One person wrote that "she'd never loved anything as much as she loved this iron."  I needed this iron in my life (like now like right now).

On the one hand, I will miss my beloved Babyliss, but on the other, I feel like this was meant to be so I could be introduced to my future iron (and for that I'm grateful).  The moment my refund comes in, the funds will immediately be allocated towards my brand new Redken Steam Infusion.  That day can't come fast enough.


  1. This is so timely! Just today, I mailed back a Babyliss Steam Iron that I purchased on Ebay 2 weeks ago…and the steam never worked. I too found the Redken version….but I think it's for salon use only…..have you found out if it can be purchased?

  2. Hi Shika! What a coincidence. They sell the Redken version on Amazon.

  3. OOOOH! I will definitely be getting this! I just need a holiday to come around so I can justify it haha :)

  4. My Babyliss steam iron stopped steaming. I switched out the reservoir that was in it for the extra it came with and its worked perfectly since.

  5. I saw this on Amazon. It looks like the BabyBliss Steam Iron. Infiniti Pro by Conair 1 1/2" Nano Silver Steam Flat iron - With Bonus Heat Instrument CaseL here is the link,

  6. Happy that you found a replacement. But if you are ever yearning for your original Babyliss steam iron. has it in stock for $69.99. I have the babyliss and love it. Its nice to see there is an alternate if mine dies and I cant find a new one.


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