Seaweed for Healthy Skin & Hair

Healthy Hair
I'm ashamed of how many indulgent, non-nutritious snacks I've eaten in the past few months.  Just last week, I stumbled upon a well known cupcake shop that had the best gluten free cupcakes I've ever tasted.  Sweets and deep fried snacks were becoming more of the norm that a treat so I decided to change things up. I really wanted to get back to nutritious eating.

After asking myself, which snacks can I enjoy while reaping huge nutritional gains, the immediate answer was in the form of sea veggies.  I've written about the  wonders of seaweed on this blog before. Years ago, I did loads of searching and found countless stories of women who claimed to have, or known someone with really healthy hair, as a result of eating seaweed on a regular basis.
A simple snack of nori sheets and seaweed salad.
This might have something to do with the nutritional content of seaweed.  Nori seaweed like the kind below is said to contain several amino acids along with vitamins A,B,C, and iron.  Not to mention the healthy hair powerhouses like biotin, folic acid and panthothenic acid.  Snacking on nori sheets also helps you get some omega 3 into your system.  I also appreciate the fact that these vitamins and minerals are in whole food form.  I suspect that our bodies can better assimilate nutrition from foods versus a multivitamin pill. 
And I'm not even gonna talk about how Nori contains nutrients that can promote healthy skin.  Seaweed is just an all around beauty food.  I will always keep some handy in the case of a snack attack.  Next, I'm on the lookout for food sources of kelp, which is said to be amazing for healthy hair.   I just found out that Amazon offers seaweed salad on the go which is perfect for when I travel or for days when I'll be out and about.  I can't go on eating a bag of nutrition deficient chips when I can enjoy crispy seaweed snacks that can give me amazing hair and skin.  The choice is clear.


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    Go seaweed!!

  2. I'll definitely have to to give these a try. And I love that they're not very expensive. Thank you!

  3. That seaweed salad looks so good! I haven't had seaweed salad in a while. I sometimes use the raw nori as "chips" or for wraps, don't really eat it super often.


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