Style Obsession | Rocking the Turban

At the top of my bucket list for summer is the mastery of various hair styles involving a strategically placed head scarf.  Summer is peaking around the corner. My summer experience involves hair sticking to the back of my neck and extreme frizziness from the insane amount of humidity in the air.  I'm so not looking forward to it.  Hence I will be utilizing scarves as a part of my daily looks.
The key to rocking the head scarf in a majestic way lies in the technique. Once you have the technique down, it's all about the complimentary accessories. Whether a pair of large statement earrings, fabulous stunner shades or a bold lip, any option you chose will pretty much work with this look.
The one thing you don't want to do is have the appearance of having just rolled out of bed.  Although the look appears effortless, it requires a little work on your part.  First, the skin must be flawless since it now becomes a focus.  So make sure you load up on your water intake and leverage the use of skin beautifying products like MAC Mineral Skinfinish to complete your look.  Perfect skin is the most flattering accessory you have.

Notice how intentional Tyra is wearing her scarf in a way that screams sophistication by adding gold statement pieces.  Last but not least, one can not sport "house clothes" with a head wrap without giving others the impression that you haven't yet showered. So keep it cute by wearing something that says "I woke up like this!" not "I just woke up."

Check out this tutorial or this one on 15 ways to rock a head scarf.


  1. Great Post!
    I've been wanting to rock turban for ages but i cant get the hang of wrapping it

  2. absolutely love this look, will have to try it out!
    xoxo Jessica


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