Style School | Four Ways to Create Chunky, Oversized Curls

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 Thanks to all of you who commented on the my last post about how much you'd love to create large, voluminous curls.  Today, I come with ideas on how to create your own style using several different techniques.

The first thing that comes to mind when I see big curls are the Caruso steam rollers.  It's an amazing tool for generating large, healthy looking curly hair.  The next two tutorials will show you how. Click on image for video.
YouTube: Miix Mii
 YouTube: Taren Guy

Can you believe that these amazingly gorgeous curls were created using a flat iron? Click the image to find out how.
 YouTube: Big Hair Bettyy

Here's a slightly curlier version using flexi rods and a pin curl set
YouTube: Miix Mii

These are just a few ideas.  You can also blow out the roots after a roller set to maintain volume while breaking up the curls.  Another idea could be to use a large barrel curling iron.  If you are looking for volume, make sure to "fluff" out the roots. 

Hope this helps. Have fun. Stay inspired.

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