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Healthy Hair
Prior to the incident reported earlier this month about accident involving several young circus performers, I had never heard of hair hangers.  Apparently, these folks perform a series of acts, in the air, while hanging by their hair. My very first thought upon discovering this "how is it possible to have hair that strong?"
Off I went to find out.  There isn't much information out there but I did manage to find a few tidbits of info that help us understand how to get hair so healthy that you can hang from it.  As expected, they do have a clear regimen to keep their hair as healthy as possible. Most notably, they avoid all of the typical activities that can damage the hair such as using a flat iron, coloring, or blow drying.  

Another tip shared by the hair acrobats is to take lots of vitamins. One article I read mentioned liquid vitamins.  I suspect that liquid vitamins might be a preference because of the greater chance of absorption by the body.  Liquids don't have to engage in the digestion process which makes it readily available for maximum impact.  

Along with hair vitamins they often partake in exercise and eating "lots of vegetables."  Specifically, I remember someone sharing that they do a lot of jogging.  Sound familiar? We just talked about how exercise and eating healthy can help contribute to healthy growth.  

Anastasia IV talked extensively about her daily healthy regimen in a recent BBC article.  What was most impressive is how she conditions her hair 5 times a day while on tour.  Three rounds of conditioner are applied to her hair before her evening show.  Once in the morning, then early after afternoon. The third conditioning session takes place just before the show Anastasia washes out the conditioner leaving her hair wet as she performs. As soon as the show is over, she conditions once again which she washes out about 1.5 hours later.  Then just before bed, the hair is conditioned once more.  According to the circus star, she utilizes two bottles of conditioner a day. That and "loads of hair vitamins."  

I've never thought about conditioning that frequently but I have been known to use an entire bottle of conditioner in one pre-poo session.  The smaller I part the sections before applying the conditioner, the more product I use.  When I use more product, I notice that my hair gets stronger over time.  Frequent conditioning may not be an option but I can still moisturize and seal regularly throughout the day.  Especially after excessive manipulation.  So there you have it.  The secrets of hair acrobat performers.  Some of what they do is similar to us on our hair journeys. They take their vitamins, they deep condition. But how many of us take a truly regimented to achieving stronger hair like they do?  


  1. Wow that's amazing.That's some strong hair they have.I'd love to know what conditioner they use.

  2. This is SO interesting!
    I can't imagine doing all of that conditioning, and I really can't imagine them doing the performance on wet hair. I always thought wet hair was weaker!

  3. My husband is my biggest hair fan and when he saw the incident on the news he immediately ran to me and reported that it's said using avocado oil is user heavily to keep the hair strong as well.

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