Update| Is the Thairapy 365 Conditioning Iron worth it?

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It was just the other day when someone left a comment on a post asking about an update on my Thairapy Conditioning Iron.  First thought that came to my mind was "oh yeah.....my conditioning iron."  Seems like I may have forgotten about it.  Somehow it found its way back to the depths of my hair product closet.

Why had I stopped using it?  Most like because for the past couple of months, I tried my hand at air drying again and didn't figure in the conditioning iron into that regimen.  Prior to shifting to air drying, I would sometimes forget to use the iron during my wash routine. The iron is one of those things that you do that doesn't have any obvious immediate impact. You run it through your hair and nothing seems to happen.  But honestly, it did make a difference in the overall results.

On Sunday, I decided that my air drying stint had run its course and it was time to get back to roller setting. This time, I would need the help of this iron to get my hair back on track. Weeks of air drying left my hair frizzy, dry, and really fragile.  I needed something amazingly powerful to help bring life back into my hair.  The Thairapy iron was exactly what I needed to get the job done.
But this time I would use the iron in a way like never before. Instead passing the iron over my hair with conditioner, I would use it during the roller set just after I misted each section with my Biolage Keratindose and Inphenom mist.  Each section was parted, detangled and misted with leave-in then I used the  Thairapy iron.  Roller setting texlaxed hair isn't as easy as it used to be.  The texture is very present which makes for somewhat poofy roller set.  But, with the conditioning iron, the hair is flattened and tamed prior to rolling.  This gives it a mild straightening effect without ANY heat. Thairapy claims to infuse products deeply into the strands while sealing and protecting the cuticle layer.  And I experienced all of that on Sunday.

My curls tumbled down onto my shoulders as I removed the rollers one by one.  Each curl appeared smooth, shiny and (best of all) healthy. This was a far cry from the appearance of distress my hair showed just a couple of hours earlier.  The comments from hubby sealed the deal for me.  That morning he mentioned how my hair appeared darker and later that evening he threw in a couple "your hair looks good" randomly in between sentences.

I've made a vow never to go without this iron on wash day again.  It is an absolute must for healthy hair. Not only does it tame my thick hair but Thairapy elevated my moisture levels.  I have a timer notification that sounds every day at 2:30 pm reminding me to moisturize my hair. Yesterday, I touched my hair as the timer went off and concluded that it didn't need any external moisturizing at that moment.  My hair was doing just fine.  So, in response the question of the beloved reader asking me if the iron is worth it.  The answer is YES!

Thairapy Conditioning Tool @ Neiman Marcus


  1. I would totally love to see pictures of your hair before and after using the iron.. Most importantly a picture of the curls your hubby fell in love with!!!

  2. Thanks for the update

  3. HI Anon! Thanks for reminding me! My hair is doing so much better now thanks to that iron.


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