Drink to your health!

Over the past few weeks, I've made an effort to take specific actions to nurture and take care of myself.  This comes after learning a hard lesson.  For months, I worked a ton of hours. I let the stress build up and stopped doing the things to ensure I was thriving.  Then I remember that no one was going to take care of me if I didn't do it myself.  So I put down a few laws.

I began with the requirement that I had to eat some fruit on a daily basis.  That worked out well.  From there I started go for three mile walks whenever possible.  Things are not where they need to be but every bit of progress is making a difference.  My newest ritual, as of late, is another small step but I can already foresee the benefits of enjoying this ritual on a regular basis.
The green smoothie is the backbone of this triad.   With the green smoothie, I add in all of the nutrients missing from my every day diet.  All sort of powders, greens, and super foods get to join in the fun.  I've also noticed lately how the smoothies have made a difference in my overall eating choices.  I don't look as haggard and worn as I should although I've missed a few hours of sleep here and there.  Thank you, green smoothie, for everything you've given me.

There's something special about treating yourself to a delicious cup of tea.  Bamboo tea supports my hair and beauty journey so I'm back to drinking a cup a day.  The long days and crazy travel will undoubtedly contributes to greater levels of acidity in my body. In the past, I didn't really do anything to stop it.  Now, I'm incorporating the smoothies along with citrus water to help bring my internal environment back into balance.  Lemon water is cool but I decided to switch it up a bit by creating a mojito  inspired flavored water.  A bit of mint, some limes, fresh fruit and I'm good to go.  Feels like a spa inspired drink meant to enjoy in the comfort of my own home.
Not only do these drinks help refuel my body they also add a bit of happiness to my day.  Doing something nice for yourself doesn't have cost a bunch of money or take a lot of time.  Based on what I learned from The Power of Habit book, small habits like these will lead to new, greater habits.

It's the weekend. Time to treat yourself.


  1. Great post. My routine is a green smoothie, 2cups of green tea and a detox drink made from the juice of a lemon, 2 tbsps of ACV and a tsp of honey.... energises me all day.

  2. I have a green smoothie recipe that I plan to try tomorrow. I'm starting basic and will get fancy down the line.


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