Craving | Alter Ego Hair Energizing Hair Lotion {stimulate winter growth}

I was going to save this find for an Instagram Beauty Secrets post but I got too excited to wait.   As I was bobbing and weaving through various pics, I stumbled upon an image that immediately grabbed my attention.  Not sure if it was a beauty or hair product so I checked out the caption to  see what she had to say about it.
via @troprouge Instagram
"I swear by this stuff. It's made my hair grow incredibly fast!! It's called Alter Ego Hair Lotion."
Ok. So a couple of things happened at this point.
#1. I immediately recognized the name of the brand from back in the day when I frequented Dominican Salons.  Then I remembered that I tried (and loved) their garlic conditioner mask to combat excessive shedding.
#2. I mosied on over to Amazon to see what others had to say about it.  Over 100 reviews with nearly a perfect 5 rating.

People who've tried the energizing hair lotion say that it tingles the scalp when applied (which is a sign that blood flow to the area has increased).  Some mentioned that they found this product via a recommendation from a hair loss specialist.  Many of the reviewers noticed an increase in their hair  growth rate.  Happy reviewers mentioned how this product helped bring their edges back to life.  Heck, a few people even boasted of stronger hair and less breakage from this wonderful hair lotion.  I also appreciate how quickly people said they started seeing results and new growth.

I could go on and on.  Point is that this miracle in a bottle seems really promising. Especially during this time of year when seasonal  shedding starts to rear it's ugly head.  Not to mention that hair growth starts to slow during cooler months.  This is definitely on my wishlist but I probably won't wait long to get it.  Especially since I'm working on reviving my nape back to it's former healthy state.  I cant totally see myself applying the lotion to my scalp once I've braided by hair in sections to moisturize and seal.

Who's as excited about this hair lotion as I am?


  1. I love when you post often, especially when the content is related to one of my new obsessions-hair lol!Keep it up

  2. this product didnt work for me!! but good luck

  3. I am having this issue...nape breakage and excessive shedding, so I read this just in time. On my wishlist too now.

  4. This looks very promising and I want to make a purchase. You have a store through Amazon right? I want to make sure I purchase through clicking on your site and benefit you!!!

  5. Thanks for the post. I almost got the full-size Biolage Keratindose but the stylist I went to said I didn't need it. I keep forgetting that I don't have breakage, I just shed a lot. A whole lot. And the black tea rinse usually works I just never really do it. But I will definitely try this product

  6. I bought this and some of the bamboo vitamins! I'm excited, I'll let you know how it goes.

  7. I have been using this product for years and I can tell u it works! I thought it was mental so I started only applying to the back of my hair (my problem area) and noticed more growth in that area. This is the one product I keep in stock.

  8. Did you ever end up purchasing ?


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