Is this the most effective way to Moisturize & Seal your hair?

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Psssst.  I want to let you in on something.  It's a new technique I've been using lately to moisturize and seal my hair.  From my first couple of days with experimenting, I think I will use this technique for life.  I'll start by saying that I had done a poor job of moisturizing and sealing prior to learning about the L.O.C/L.C.O technique.  Once I got hip to that, my life changed.  Then fate led me to the Evian Facial Spray mist which changed the game.

Just recently,  I found and fell in love with these mini aluminum misters which I adore.  It seemed like everything was darn near perfect.  How could they get any better?  That's when I took a hard look at my technique and asked myself "what do I need to do differently?"  Currently, my biggest struggle was evenly moisturizing my hair.  I tend to focus on the hair I can see. As a result, some areas suffered.  I'm in the process of gingerly nursing it back to health but it takes a bit of effort for me to focus on those areas.
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The solution to this problem (of evenly moisturizing in little time) was so simple I can't believe I haven't done it sooner.  All I did was section my hair into 6 or 7 loose plaits.  Once sectioned, I was able to quickly mist the length of each braid.  When braided, all the hair in that section is very accessible.  There aren't tons of layers hiding under each other.  I no longer have to lift my hair or move hair out of the way to access the deeper layers.  It worked flawlessly. It saved me time and it was really effective.  Not too mention that, overall, this technique requires less manipulation than if I were to moisturize in small sections without braiding.

Some nights, I left my hair braided and unraveled the braids the following day. But if I'm not going for the wavy look, I could easily unravel once I've completed the moisture replenishment session.  Call me crazy but my hair seems to hold moisture longer ever since I've been using this technique.  Perhaps it has something to do with my new little aluminum sprayer.  The water particles are smaller than from the Evain spray bottle.  I'm of the belief that smaller water particles are easier to absorb by the hair follicle.  This combination of deeper moisture plus the enhanced technique has been pretty amazing.  Would you like to try?

p.s. Naturals typically use this method before twistouts/etc which I think contributes to their length retention, among other things.  I'll create a post on that topic in the future. 


  1. Great post! I'm going to give this a try, also did some reading up of your previous posts and definitely want to make my own MSM water!

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

  2. Your arms! The skin looks so glowing and nourished, that's how I always dream of getting my skin! How did you get such perfect body skin, I'm in awe!

  3. Hi English! Thanks for the compliment. I exfoliate my body pretty much every day with a sugar scrub. Along with that, I visit the steam room whenever I have time. I haven't done that for a while but I'm sure that helps. But even if I didn't visit the steam room. The daily exfoliation is a must.

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  5. How does it look in the morning when you take out the braids? Wavy maybe? Would love to see a pic, I'm considering doing the same thing.


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