DIY Evian Facial Mist

When I first discovered Evian's Facial spray, I got so excited that I immediately made multiple orders.  Some, I gave away. But I kept most of them for myself. Yes, I used them frequently as a facial spray. But I got the greatest benefit by incorporating Evian in my L.C.O routine.

The other day, I walked over to my stash of Evian sprays only to discover that I had only one 1.7 oz bottle left. How could this be? Have I used that many bottles?  After a few more minutes of searching, I conceded knowing that I had indeed almost run out.  That's when I realized that if my usage continues at the same rate, the cost could really add up.  My next thought was to find a way to make my own version of this wonderful mist.  A couple of searches online led me to these nifty little aluminum misters.  I like the fact that they're easily refillable and they're made of the same material as the Evian Facial spray bottle. 
Here's why I got three of them.  Do you remember my Instagram Beauty Secrets post where I featured a high end facial spray from Chanel?  Well, I actually took a trip down do the mall to test it out.  Chanel incorporated moisture binding ingredients to extend the duration of moisture.  Water on its own will evaporate pretty quickly so I appreciate that they took their formula to the next level.     
I too would like to experiment with various formula's since I now have complete freedom to do what I please.  One will be purely water but I will test out various hair mist blends as well as an enhanced facial mist.  By the way,  these bottles are ultra affordable and their mist game is on point.  As a matter of fact, they actually create a finer mist than the Evian.  I love that.


  1. Have you tried the Caudalie Grape water spray. It's also a great option. Are these the Miso (Misto?) bottles? I saw those at Costco and thought of you.

  2. Thanks for posting! I used the Evian back in the day, but the frugalista in me won't allow me to keep buying something like that. With the way things are in the world, my personal mantra is always "sustainable living". Call it vain, but I'm glad to say that if we have a financial collapse I still have my methods to stay beautiful! The more we can accomplish this by using our innovativeness, recreate the same effects while keeping more of our money on our own pockets - is power! Thanks so much for posting.

    Ps my crochet braids turned out nice, I kept being lazy about pics but I will send some!

  3. @ Tabitha - Seeing the outcome of your crochet pics has now become a need.


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