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When I look at my small collection of shoes.  One thing becomes strikingly clear, it's that I'm pretty safe when it comes to my shoe choices.  Everything I own falls under the two categories either black or nude (neutral).  Just goes to show you how predictable I can be.
Which is why I was stoked when I stumbled upon these Ralph Lauren Serrata platform sandals in navy blue with gold hardware.  The moment I saw them, I knew they could easily take my boring uniform of jeans and a tee to a new level. Weeks prior to discovering these shoes, I silently told myself that I needed a pair of well made, attractive, comfortable + fashionable heels that I can wear on my dress down days.  This is to avoid my habit of reaching for flats.  the moment I slipped these heels on, I knew.
[ULTRA] Comfortable and stylish would be the two words I'd use to describe them.  I read a few reviews of these heels online and others echo my perspective on how comfortable they are. Plus I love the fact that I didn't get them in black.  Blue just makes them that much more interesting.  And, yes, I do understand that Navy Blue (and gold) shoes don't exactly go with everything. Which is exactly why I decided to grab a second pair in light brown.  The neutral pair are definitely within my comfort zone.  In fact, I have a similar pair of shoes in that color that isn't as well constructed.  I grabbed these because the difference in quality between what I currently own and these was  really evident.
When I started buying designer handbags a couple of years ago, the initial motivation was so I could be rough with them and not have to worry (as much) about wear and tear.  When I took that philosophy towards investing in quality shoes, I noticed a real difference.  If I find a great pair of shoes I love, I need them to last.   That's why I'll be investing in well crafted shoes from now on.  Plus, gorgeous shoes are like a well made bag.  They can make the outfit thus saving you money on clothing in the long run.

It's not too often one finds an amazing pair of navy blue heels. I had to snag 'em and I'm so glad I did.

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  1. Those Ralph Lauren heels are gorgeous. I like the gold embellishing against the blue design.


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