The Makeup Show | NARS mini haul & The method to incredibly long lashes

Most weekends, I'm closed up in my office working on outstanding items from the week prior.  This weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the MakeUp Show.  It's an amazing experience to be in a room with hundreds of professional makeup artists and beauty experts.  Not to mention the exposure to dozens of brands who are the heavy hitters in the makeup industry.

Every year, I visit the event in hopes of discovering new staples. It's were I first found and fell in love with Gleam Body Radiance and Grandelash MD.  Normally, I invest most of my time between grabbing new makeup brushes and loitering at the Makeup Forever booth.  This year,  I decided that I'd branch out of my comfort zone and get familiar with some new brands.  

NARS Train Bleu + Palais Royal Velvet Lip Pencil
You guys remember when I grabbed the NARS Narsissist palatte?  Ever since then, I've been longing to try out others products from the line.  As expected the NARS booth was pretty packed.  I stood on the outskirts for a few moments before one of the NARS makeup artists walked by and said, "I love the color of your shirt."  I thanked her for the unexpected compliment.  Later, she returned and said, "would you mind if I put some blush on you?"  "Sure" I responded not knowing that she'd reach for this bright coral looking color called Exhibit A.   "It's inspired by the color of your shirt" she said as she applied the bright color to my cheeks.  I expected the worst but the color actually worked well on my skin tone.  
From there she and I began to try one different lip colors to she what would work. The entire time she worked on my face, the only thing I could think about was how amazing her lashes were. Finally I had to ask "what do you use to get you lashes like that?"  "Grandelash!"  she responded.  "I'm wearing an $8.00 drugstore mascara, and I'm Asian, these lashes are because of Grandelash."  She went on to tell me her secret.  "You gotta use it twice a day [morning and night]"  I was instantly reminded of a conversation I had in 2013 with someone who also got amazing results by using it 2X a day.  Guess, what I did last night before bed?  You guessed, I reached for my Grandelash. 


  1. The train bleu is amazing, I love this colour !

  2. I LOVE TIBER by NARS!!! That is my favorite lip gloss. Not all Sephora's in the Dallas-Fort Worth area sales this particular one, so I'm always on the search till I find it. If they ever discontinue Tiber it will be a sad day in America!! LOL!!


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