The Many Beauty Benefits you'll experience from using MSM Water

This new spray bottle and I have been inseparable ever since our first encounter.  One reason I decided to move away from replenishing my Evian spray bottle stash is because a refillable bottle would allow me the opportunity to experiment with lacing the water with various super ingredients to elevate its effectiveness.  

The very first ingredient that came to mind was powdered MSM.  There are so many reasons why MSM was my first choice.  But I'll just share a few with them with you in hopes of convincing you that MSM powder/water is your very next product purchase.

It all goes back to when I first bought MSM water from the health food store.  The intended purpose was to help nourish my eyes. I found that the best method of doing so was to transfer some of it into a spray bottle.  Then I was like, "I take MSM internally, why not use some of this on my hair?"   This was right around the time I learned of the L.O.C. moisturizing method so it made sense to experiment with my newfound MSM water.   

That's when I realized that somehow MSM water seemed to make my hair feel more moisturized then when using water alone.  Once I realized that my store bought MSM water contained only 2 ingredients, I decided make my own in hopes of increasing the amounts of the active ingredient (MSM) in my formula.  
 MSM water is multifunctional.  Like my Evian mister, I also use MSM water on my face.  Except now,  my skin is reaping the benefits of receiving the MSM which has the ability to address acne concerns by killing bacteria and drying up oil which can lead to flareups.

Not only am I using surfur rich MSM water on my face, I also plan to target my scalp.  Normally, I focus on misting the length of my hair, but now that it's laced with MSM, I want to nourish my scalp to reap some of the amazing benefits.    Using MSM topically could have an impact on, not only the health of my scalp, but also hair growth rate.  I've even read where people experienced healthier new growth texture as a result of using MSM topically.  Not to mention that MSM is also said to help combat dry scalp, dandruff and dermatitis.  May I also add that MSM could have a positive effect on shedding.  They say that MSM could extend the amount of time the hair remains in growth phase. Let's hope this liquid MSM is powerful enough to do just that.

So far I've pointed out how MSM can help create healthier skin, moisturized hair and even better growth.  One last thing I'll mention before I go is how important MSM is for collagen production.  Much like bamboo silica, MSM works synergistically with collagen to keep our skin firm, smooth and moisturized.  So, I always make sure to add some MSM powder to my daily smoothies.

Do you need any more reasons to buy powdered MSM?


  1. Hi Nadege
    I have been thinking about MSM this past week.. so glad to see this post! :) I went to my local natural foods store and GNC and only saw MSM in pill form but also MSM crystals?? Is that supposed to be the powder form? I was confused and didn't purchase... PS I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog for hair, makeup and fashion related content, not only is it informative and entertaining but amazing quality.
    Thank you again!

    1. Hi get in powder! I got it from amazon from a company called Bulk my hair improved a lot i couldn't be happier! I am going to try to put on my scalp too! Good luck!

  2. Hi Mar! I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying the blog! I actually have both the powder and the MS crystals. Both dissolve easily in water so you can pick up which ever is most convenient for you.

    Take care!

  3. Love this blog!! What is the ratio of water to MSM powder you use for your spray?

  4. This sounds like a smart idea. I might try it for those times my skin gets crazy, though it's been settling in quite well with my current regimen.

    External is good, but I noticed internal methods have to be combined with the external.

    I had taken MSM for my skin years ago and saw no difference in my physical being except slightly faster nail growth. Then again, I wasn't pairing it with vitamin C, didn't know about that years ago.

  5. Hi! Big fan of MSM. Helps with skin, joints and hair. I did notice heavier,longer periods when I took it in pill form, but will see how it works topically. Definitely love the blog. I have bought quite a few products based on your recommendations. Most recently the Misto which works for me and my baby! Thanks again!

  6. I'm so glad you made this post. I went out and got the liquid msm right away. I mixed it with peppermint oil and water. I have seen amazing results. My seborrheic dermatitis has been extremely bad this year, but has completely cleared up. After about three days of using the mixture the flakes were gone. I'm excited to grow out my edges which is primarily where my seborrheic dermatitis flares up. Thank you so much for this blog. Forever grateful.

  7. Thank you for this brilliant idea. How much MSM do you add to what quantity of water? Do you add vitamin C as well? I am going to try this.


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