The Thirst Is Real | The true reasons why you should drink your water.

We're back with another important discussion about staying hydrated.  We've gone in detail, in the past regarding how many benefits are possible if you regularly drink lots of water.  We've studied the regimens of the greats who proclaim that they consume up to a gallon or more a day.

Let's discuss this water drinking thing on a new level.  As your resident "Eternal Youth" specialist,  I feel it is my obligation to do so.  There have been times when I've severely neglected my water intake.  If this goes on too long, I start to experience negative side effects such as flaking scalp, splitting nails and rough dry skin.  But, truthfully, by the time I notice the external results, it's too late.  Why?  Because other, more serious consequences of inadequate water intake are happening on the inside.

Water is a nutrient to our bodies.  Our cells need it to survive.  The most important thing our bodies need for survival is oxygen.  The second most important is water.  Interestingly enough, water contains oxygen.  In fact, water is a secondary supplier of oxygen to our cells.  Water doesn't only hydrate, it oxygenates.  I should also mention that most of us aren't breathing "properly."  Ideally, the body prefers deep breaths to properly oxygenate. But many of us don't unconsciously breathe that way.  I've read that we only utilize only 30% of our breathing capacity.  That means we are taking in less oxygen than we are capable of.  The whole topic of optimal oxygen is something I may discuss in a future post.

Beyond oxygenation, water cleanses.  Without it, our cells can not transport nutrients and eliminate waste.  Things become stagnant and we, essentially, start to wallow in our own waste.  Oh, and guess what else happens when you become dehydrate?  Your cortisol levels increase.  Cortisol is a hormone your body releases during stress.  I consider stress hormones highly destructive as they essentially work to break down the body.

You remember how I talked about maintaining bone density via resistance exercise as a method to combat aging.  Well, if you're walking around dehydrated, weight training won't save you from the gradual eating away of the bones that happens when you shun your water intake.  Cortisol interferes with the bone building process which eventually decreases your bone density.  Strong, healthy bones are a sign of youth.  As a matter of fact, experts can tell how old a person was at time of death simply by examining the condition and density of the bones.  You want to extend your youth?  Pay attention to what's happening to your bones.

The glowing, soft skin are a tell tale sign of the level of health we experience inside.  If you aren't consistent with your water intake,  I urge you to think about the bigger picture.  Think of how much your body NEEDS it to stay alive and function properly.   When you choose to go without water, think of the price you pay when body to become hydrated.  It's not worth it.

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  1. Excellent post! I usually only drink water but I still don't drink enough everyday. With all of these facts/benefits I'm going to be chugging my water now lol

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