V Day

Happy V day.  No, I'm not referring to Valentine's day although it's somewhat related to the topic at hand.  I'm referring to the other V and how to promote all around vaginal health and happiness.

By focusing on your internal health, your V will benefit.

The first priority is to make sure your bacterial balance is on par.  If it isn't you allow the opportunity for unfriendly bacteria to grow.  The unsavory outcome of this scenario can lead to bacteria vaginosis and possibly yeast infections.  It's a good idea to supplement your diet with Lactobacilli will help shift your vaginal microflora from pathogen friendly to pathogen resistant.  Who wouldn't want that? For highest potency, try keeping your probiotics refrigerated.  Another good habit is to add a quality yogurt to your diet loaded with healthy bacteria.  

Lemon Water 
We've talked about the wonderful benefits of drinking lemon water in the past.  Lemon water keeps our internal environment alkaline.  Which is extremely important when we're talking about the health of the "V".  Although the preferred vaginal pH is acidic, an alkaline internal environment is absolutely necessary otherwise everything will be thrown off.  Think of lemon water as a preventative measure to keep everything in the right balance.  While we're on the topic of water, you should always strive to drink as much water as possible.  You've seen the difference in your urine when you're dehydrated vs. when you drink plenty of water.  There's a wonderful cleansing and purifying effect from drinking adequate amounts of water.  Since the vagina is self cleaning, why not give it a hand by equipping it with the tools needed to do it's job.

Once you have the basics covered, then you can move on to the fancy stuff.  I don't know any woman who wouldn't want to make sure their lady parts are as pleasant as possible.  With Valentine's day is coming up, you might be picking out your outfit and deciding your hair style.  Might I also interest you in adjusting your diet over the next couple of days to include lots of veggies and fruits.  Not only will help your skin glow and your dress fit better, but it can also positively influence your scent and taste.

So load up on pineapples, natural cranberry juice, citrus fruits, celery (high water content), watermelon, strawberries and the like.  Make it a part of your regular diet.

Last but not least, we need to talk about strengthening the vaginal muscles.  Just like your abs, the muscles of your scalp, your face, and your vaginal walls are all subject to atrophy.  If we neglect to exercise those muscles, we will find ourselves having to purchase adult diapers because of incontinence.  Kegal exercises are so easy to do and really don't require any extra effort.  They're super easy to do and very effective.  Think of your vaginal walls as part of your internal core.  It's just as important to have strong internal muscles as it is to make sure your stomach looks flat.  I find the most of the time we are in a resting position where our muscles aren't contracted/engaged.  This allows the muscles to weaken.  When we contract our muscles (especially against resistance) blood flow to the area increases and the muscles strengthen.  Strong muscles are a indicator of youth so it's important to exercise everything.

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  1. And also remember, it's your "sacred area".....so all those douches, high powered deodorants, and "new car scent" trees are most likely not necessary! Take care of your body and She will do the rest (outside of basic and regular cleansing and grooming).

    Nothing wrong with loving to feel fresh, but sometimes people can do a bit too much!


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