Melyssa Ford Fitness Inspiration

I stopped by Bravo's website the other day to check out snippets for upcoming episodes.  When I landed on the show page for Blood, Sweat and Tears, my eyes immediately landed on a video thumbnail of Melyssa Ford sharing her work out tips.  I clicked right away hoping to learn a little about Melyssa's work out regimen.  Unfortunately, the link led me to show workout video in sight.

There was disappointment, but I was determined find some fitness inspiration. So I did what came naturally, I marched right on over to her instagram to see what's up.  I've been out of the gym for a few weeks and luckily, a new location opened up a few miles away.  This means no excuses.  Sometimes a little motivation is all it takes.   I've rounded up a few short vids demonstrating Melyssa's work ethic and drive at the gym.  It's no wonder she still looks amazing after all of these years.
A video posted by Melyssa Ford (@themelyssaford) on

Edited to add:  Yay, I found it!


  1. Sheesh... She's killin it. Hard work pays off though!

  2. Motivation workout for sure! I notice she wears scarves under her hat. She may be on to something. My hair gets ruined by sweat. This may help or the hat may cause more heat and make it worse. Urghhhh ��


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