Do this today to ensure a powerful month ahead.

I recall a time when I worked with a supervisor to create a 30 day action plan for one of her lower performing managers.  We discussed all of the actions and goals that needed to be met within the 30 day timeline.  A little time passed and the supervisor reached out to me to provide a status update on the progress made within the past 30 days.  I could hardly believe that 30 days went by so quickly.  While she was going over her manager's metrics and results with me, all I could think about is how little I accomplished within that 30 days.

From that moment, I decided that at the start of each month, I too would create a few small personal goals instead of letting 30 days just slip away.  A new month is basically a fresh start.  A new opportunity to cause something new & different to appear into my life.  Since were only a few days away I thought it would be a good time  to create the month ahead.

I believe there's power in having a clear, organized space.  The more time I invest in creating my ideal environment, the more benefits I get to enjoy.  This month, I'd like to target the little pockets of clutter that I have in certain areas around my home.  I'd really like to build a solid foundation from which all of the other goals I have can be easily accomplished.  Creating that ideal environment will strengthen my foundation by raising my energy levels and focus.  It makes everything else I do just a bit more powerful. Simply put, I will clear and organize my workspace before beginning my day and eliminate at least three areas of clutter in the month of June.

A start of a new month is the perfect opportunity to create and strengthen new routines.  One habit I'm currently cultivating is consistent work outs.  Days ago, I purchased a membership to a small gym located within walking distance from my home.  I call this the "no excuse" gym 'cause I literally can be there within 2-3 minutes.  So far, this has been working out great. Fitting in daily workouts have never been easier.

Another routine I'd like to build is waking up and working early.  Years ago, I was diligent about this practice.  The earlier I woke up, the better.  With extra time in the day, I worked on my master plan, watched motivational videos, meditated, learned new skills, etc.  I can't tell you how much value I received in return from the extra time investment.  Now that I have no where to be at a certain time, I've been waking up around 7:00 am.  For some, that's still early but truthfully, it's not early enough.  There's not enough time to work on life investment activities.  In the month ahead, I'm going to experiment with early rising (between 4:00 am and 5:00 am), once again, for the purpose of building momentum in reaching my goals.  I had a remarkable day last week when I started my day at 5:00 am.   I was ultra productive from morning to night.  It was incredible.  I definitely want to recreate this day over and over again.

When I fantasized about having time freedom, I painted a picture of what this ideal life would be.  What I realize is that this ideal life doesn't just happen.  I have to schedule these moments otherwise, they don't happen.  This upcoming month I'll carve out time for social interactions, plan travel, and schedule other things that usually get placed on the back burner if I'm not careful. One area I've been consistent in is booking appointments for stress relieving massages.  I purchase a package of 4 sessions and schedule them in advance.  Those 90 minute massages mean the world to me.  I'd like to replicate the system of prescheduling beneficial activities in all areas of my life.

Every month, I'd like to invest a certain amount of time to building/creating/nurturing a project that will create results for years to come.  Examples of this could be developing new products, purchasing a program to help improve my business results, working with a coach/mentor.  This month, I accomplished one objective which should have long term impact in my business.  Next month, I'd like to do that again, and again, and again.  Essentially, I'm creating a snow ball effect of positive momentum.  If I replicate this month after month, the results at the end of the year will be undeniable.  My goal this week is to identify that high impact action for June and implement ASAP.

Just a few small actions to transform the month ahead.  My future self will be very grateful.


  1. I agree with you on getting up early. I've been moving my wake up time in small increments. My wake up time is now 4:45 which gives me time to pray, meditate, empty the dishwasher and drive 25 minute to my favorite 6:30 workout class!

  2. Just want to start of by saying how much i love your blog posts!
    I was wondering what sun screen you use and do you know of a good one for dry skin? I really wanna up my sun screen protection this summer.

  3. I too agree with waking up early. My husband works a 2nd shift so getting up early means going to bed early which means never seeing him during the week. Once that changes I will work on getting up at 5:00 (or earlier) instead of 6:30.

  4. I love your blob! Love the motivational tips too! Kisses! Paty Cruz


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