RAVE | Missha's Time Revolution First Treatment Essence.

After discovering the amazing Korean Skin Care regimen, my skin hasn't been the same.  But deep down I knew, without a facial essence,  I was missing out on one of the most important steps of this skin transforming routine. Since  facial essences were a bit foreign to me, I did a little research to uncover what made 'em so special.

Facial essences draw their potency from fermented yeast.  What I appreciate about these products are that the active yeast makes up a very large percentage of the total ingredients (80-90%).  SK II patented their fermented yeast formula after discovering elderly brewery workers with youthful , well preserved hands.  After digging into it further, they attributed the eternally young hands to the active fermented yeast.  The formula was patented and the rest is history.    
Multitudes rave about SK II.  I've read various accounts of how people's swear their skin will never be the same after coming into contact with the magical essence.  I've always wanted to try it but the $150.00 price tag freaked me out a bit.  Then I just so happened to stumble on an SK dupe by the name of Missha First Treatment Essence.  I couldn't believe how affordable this was compared to it's counterpart.  My first thought is because the ingredients probably sucked.  But, in actuality, Missha is also filled with fermented yeast, just a different variety (from the same family).  Missha's yeast comprises 80% of the ingredients unlike SK II which boasts of being comprised of  90% active yeast.  It sounds like SK II may have the upper hand but, if you look a bit more closely, Misha's ingredients also include natural extracts like beet root, rosemary, and other botanicals that could have soothing and anti-inflammatory qualities.  
What really made me take the leap was Missha's social proof in the form of a higher review rating on Amazon.  No more excuses.  A couple of days later, my package arrived.  First impressions--the bottle was much larger than I expected.  Enough to last quite a while.  Facial essence application comes immediately after washing so it's essentially a toner.  Toners, as many of us in America know it, can have a drying effect. But Asian facial essences remind us that layering a hydrating miracle water, after cleansing to seal in moisture, is logical.  Why did we ever think it was ok to strip the skin of moisture immediately after washing?  Actually, I apply a coconut based vinegar to my skin directly after washing my face because I have to. Without it my dermatitis would flare up.  Apply this directly after toning bring all the balance back to my skin.  And it happens instantly! The watery consistency makes it really easy to apply by hand.  Another option is to apply with a cotton pad, but I'd feel bad throwing away a cotton ball soaked with youth promoting active yeast.  Nope, I want every ounce of that stuff on my skin.

Of all the products in my multi step routine, this is my absolute favorite.  I layer all the serums and creams  out of obligation. Missha's Facial Essence is the only one that I look forward to applying.  I absolutely love how my skin feels immediately after application.  Moisture levels are instantly regained.  Interestingly enough, I actually have a watery "hydrating lotion" with the same consistency as Missha's Essence but doesn't compare in the level of moisture it imparts. It's not just moisture, I feel like the treatment essence improves the overall appearance of my skin.  I absolutely adore this product.  It's just so calming, hydrating and nourishing. And the price point is so right (I'd actually pay more for it).

I'm really looking forward to experiencing long term benefits from applying this on a daily basis.  In the back on my mind, I wonder if I should still try the SK II just to make sure I'm not missing out.  Maybe I'll experience SK II one day but just to put my mind at ease but, honestly, I can't see how it can be any more amazing than this.  


  1. I dove in and purchased the SK II! Just started a week ago. I can't wait to hear your review. So far I am enjoying the SK II Essence. Your posts leave me BROKE! LOL (j/k) Thank you!!

  2. I've been using the SKII for about a month now. I waited until the Sephora VIB sale to purchase it at a discount, and I bought a boxed set that included the mini "acne version" and one of their face masks. So far I love all the products and would purchase it at full price! A little goes a long way and I'm sure this bottle will last me until the next VIB sale! I'll let you know when I post my full review!

  3. I've never heard of this but you have me super curious now lol. Thanks for sharing!!

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  4. you make me want to buy everything, cure gel currently in the mail >.<


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