Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Skin Care Inspo | What Taylour Paige does every day for flawless skin.

A while back, Instragram suggested that I take a look at a recent picture posted by actress Taylour Paige.  I had no idea who she was at the time, I just saw her as a beautiful person with super-amazing skin.
I was hungry to learn more about her skin care routine.  Was she one of these women who just has naturally flawless skin or did she conduct any specific ritual(s) to contribute to her even-toned skin and healthy glow?

Her Instagram page didn't provide any clues so I dug a little further.  Lucky for us, StyleBlazer sat her down and asked for the details (video below).  When asked what her favorite hair product was, she mentioned a brand (WEN). When asked about her favorite skin care product, she shares a process (exfoliation).  
We can now officially add Taylour to the list of flawless skinned people who exfoliate everyday along with Chilli formerly of TLC,  Atlanta Housewife Cynthia Rowland, and probably countless others who have perfect skin but haven't publicly disclosed their routines. 

 If you voyage through Taylour's Instagram feed, you see a pic of her as a child in which she appears to have beautiful skin.  The first self defeating thought that flashed through my mind was "she's always had good skin, it's genetic."  Perhaps, but if I remained satisfied with that flimsy explanation, maybe I wouldn't have come across the video where homegirl says it with her own mouth that she exfoliates daily.  I mean, we all had great skin when we were in elementary school. But as adults, we gotta take things more seriously.  

In exfoliating daily, Taylour is showing off fresh healthy skin.  It glows naturally because, without dry skin covering the surface, it easily reflects light.  I've also learned that she's a professional dancer which probably means that she sweats frequently and drinks a ton of water.  Exfoliation, sweating and hydration are the cornerstone of beautiful skin.  

After watching the video, I reached for my jar of Fresh's Sugar Facial Scrub.  Once the exfoliation session was completed, I proceeded with the multi-step Korean Skin Care routine.  This time, there was a huge difference.  Suddenly, I could feel tingling when I applied the glycolic/hyaluronic serum. Why? Because the dead layer of skin that blocked my products from penetrating the healthy cells was no longer an issue.  Instantly, my skin care products became more effective and my skin hasn't been the same since.  

If you don't have a kick-butt exfoliator that does wonders for your skin, put that on your to-do list.  Fresh's sugar scrub will always be my fave.  On the weekends, I'll mix it up with a chemical exfoliant. Or maybe I use Dr. Gross' Alpha Beta Peel at night as a mild chemical exfoliant gentle which is enough to use daily.  When I hear people mention daily exfoliation, I assume they are using some sort of scrub.  But if your skin isn't up to the challenge, you can do it 3-4 times a week. Another option is the super gentle Cure Gel exfoliator (written about in this post), which does the trick with very little irritation to the skin. 

  1. I wish I could get flawless skin but my skin has improved a little since I have started ex foliating!


  2. I usually exfoliate once a week but I'm going to start using my Clarisonic every other day to help keep the dead skin off. I also notice a difference in the way my skin looks and feels and the way my products absorb. It's definitely refreshing!

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  3. Lovely article! Hey Nadege, have you heard of/wanted to try the stem cell facial/face lift?

  4. I was consider getting a clarisonic in order to exfoliate daily and this solidified my decision