Style Obsession | Denim upon Denim.

By far, the favorite items in the closet are my denim.  I have jeans from years ago that I still rock even today.  I love my flared jeans, boot cut, skinny, shredded, all of it!  I am patiently awaiting for denim dresses to make a come back. But until then, I'll layer my denim to achieve that head to toe look.
Pairing a denim top with your favorite pair of jeans seems like a no brainer.  The option are limitless. You can opt to match the shades of denim or you can go for contrast.  We typically consider jeans to be the ultimate in dressing down but when you pair your denim with nude heels and a statement bag, all of that dressing down stuff goes out the window.

To me, double denim is the perfect outfit that allows your accessories to shine.  On it's own, a pair of jeans is a pair of jeans. But when paired with a denim top, suddenly you've got a striking and stylish look.  The double denim outfit transitions from casual to night time chic simply by tucking in the top and opting for a more overstated handbag.  Everyone  reading this who haven't experimented with double denim has some homework to do.

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