Style Obsession | Off the Shoulder (+ how to)

...a hint of understated sensuality with minimal effort.
You know how everyone has their favorite and most flattering body part?  It could be your ultra toned legs, curvaceous back, or tiny waist.  Or, maybe you're going through that phase in life where you favorite parts aren't as show stopping as they used to be.  No worries, there's one part on everyone's body that is undeniably feminine yet rarely gets it's props.

I'm referring to the oh so subtle "off the shoulder." I've always stayed away from wearing this look because, to me, peek a boo shoulders were even more risque than a tiny skirt.  A woman with an exposed shoulder is confident in herself while appearing ultra casual and nonchalant.  She's not trying to be sexy.....she just is.

In my dresser lies a heap of old, unattractive t-shirts.  In their present form, they instantly rob me of any sex appeal or style.  But, if I were to get a little creative, those homely t-shirts can easily be transformed to stylish casual wear that I'd actually want to wear even in public.

Now, I know for some of us, walking around with shoulders exposed might feel a bit much. I'm one of those people who's always wearing a bra 24/7.  In order to partake in the shoulder revealing trend, I've amassed a small collection of bandeaus for added support without having to worry about cumbersome straps.  But, in all honestly, the "off the shoulder" can also be executed with a little peak-a-boo strap.  Just make sure it's not an actual bra strap.  Your other options are a bathing suit strap (for those hot summer days) or a super cute cami.

One of my weekend projects will be to transform several of my frumpy tees into flattering tops.  I'm looking forward to accessorizing my exposed neck and shoulders with dainty necklaces and finishing off with a flirty fragrance.

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