Can Coconut Oil help keep you from going grey?

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The other day I happen to be browsing an online forum where a member shared her experience.  This individual had a few grey hairs growing in her brows. Once the greys were identified, she immediately plucked (like most of us would).  Then she began to implement a daily ritual of massaging her brows with coconut oil.

What happened next amazed her.  The grey hairs never returned.  At first, she wondered why but after searching online she found others who claimed to have addressed their grey hair using the same strategy.
A few others have claimed that massaging coconut oil into the scalp daily for 15 minutes had a positive impact on their grey hair.  Here's a couple of testimonies I found online:

I am a 70 year old grand and great grand mother with absolutely not a single grey hair ! My secret... Coconut oil which I had applied daily in my youth on my hair (though I haven't used it for some time now ). My son's head is almost entirely grey . He doesn't listen... Try it .It's cheap because I never used the expensive organic or extra virgin variety . It beats the expensive supplements! I've recommended to many very happy friends.

I am 35 years old, and have been using coconut oil on my hair since childhood (as is traditional in South India), and my hair is jet black with not a single grey strand. My dad is 70 years old and uses coconut oil on his hair daily since his childhood, and he has black hair, not grey. I repeat, coconut oil is good for hair and maintains it dark.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any detailed info that supports why or how coconut oil massages could positively impact hair color. So we have to make up wild theories as to why this could be happening.  We know that coconut oil has high penetrative properties.  As we massage it into the scalp, both the hair and the scalp can easily absorb it.  Coconut oil is loaded with various beneficial properties (antioxidant, antifungal, etc) and by applying it to the scalp on a regular basis, we promote healthy, "younger" hair over time.

I'll often use coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment on sometimes on my scalp to treat excessive flaking and dryness.  But I wonder if daily coconut oil scalp massages could create a lifetime of healthier hair.  Even if we aren't fortunate enough to experience the eternal youth benefits like these folks did, we still know that scalp massages alone will give ample hair growth benefits.

I'm certainly going to try this because there's nothing to loose. Last night was day 1of my new ritual and I look forward to a lifetime of benefits. If anyone has experienced desirable results, please share your thoughts.


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  2. @boosomaze Yes you are right it actually works. thanks for the information :)

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