[Instagram Beauty Secret] The Facial that can create Facelift type benefits.

By now, I'm sure you're all aware that I'm a lover of facials.  Not just your typical cleansing facials,  I'm talking about the ones that have the power to cause multiple benefits to the skin and underlying muscles.  Glowing skin is only part of the battle, we must also be concerned with preserving the integrity of the face as a whole.  Aging is more a matter of bone and muscle loss. If the skin doesn't have a strong structural base, it will sag and fold causing wrinkles and other signs of aging.

With that said, I've identified a facial that could promote collagen production while stimulating the bones & muscles all at once.

The treatment I speak of is the micro current sculpting facial.  It's done with tools that produce a low level electrical current which mirrors the electric current of the body.  This stimulates the facial muscles which helps promote firmer skin tone.  The technology was developed by a doctor for patience with bell's palsy. This is a condition where the face sags due to severe atrophy in the muscles. Because of the positive results, the technology quickly made it's way into the beauty industry.

Recently, I stumbled upon an Instagram account full of inspiration. I would definitely place this account on the "Who to Follow" list.  She's a fitness and beauty enthusiast who strives to live a healthy lifestyle.  I loitered in her Instagram feed forever.  While there, I picked up on a few of her beauty secrets.  One of them, for certain, is her love of the micro current facial.

I'm pretty sure that Hannah is probably still in her 20's. If she isn't, she sure looks like it.  At first I wondered, why would someone her age even want to include micro current as part of her regular routine?  But then two words immediately popped into my mind "muscle memory."  Someone who's fit for most of their lives are able to maintain desirable muscle tone for years to come.

If you indulge in these types of treatments, while young, you'll delay the signs of aging as your muscles retain their firmness & structure.  Not to mention that our facial bones react positively to the stimulation.  We know this because NASA used vibrating machines to stimulate bone density in astronauts after returning from space missions.   In 2004, Terrell Owens sustained an injury that most thought would cause him to sit out as his team played in the Super bowl.  Terrell relied on the help of micro current treatments and oxygen therapy to heal his injury in record time. His quick recovery stunned the sports world.  It serves as a testament to how powerful this micro current technology can be.

Our girl Hannah also supplements her beauty routine by fueling her body from within.  For instance she seems to enjoy a cup of matcha tea on the regular. Matcha is high powered green tea and it's bursting with antioxidants.  At night, Hannah prepares a nightly tonic that includes gelatin powder. We've discussed powdered gelatin and it's wonderful benefits before.  Did you notice that she drinks her concoction at night so her body can reap the benefits as she sleeps?  According to Hannah, drinking her gelatin laced smoothies have produced a noticeable difference to her skin's elasticity.

Hannah certainly embodies the active lifestyle.  Please check out her Instagram feed for endless inspiration. And if that isn't enough, you can also visit her fit-lifestyle blog as well.

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