Newest beauty obsession: Gelatin Powder

I think I found the word to describe my constant need to seek out and find highly nutritious foods.  It's called a "super-food enthusiast!"  "Hi! My name is Nadege, and I'm a super-food enthusiast".  Today I'd like to introduce you to my latest find which has been promptly added to my super-smoothie routine.

Over the past few months, I've grown a fondness for collagen supplements.  It started with those delicious collagen chews then it evolved to powdered collagen powder.  Now I'm now taking a "collagen cousin", if you will, in the form of gelatin.  So what exactly is gelatin and why am I so fond of it?  Great question.
Gelatin is an animal protein source derived by the collection collagen from the skin, connective tissue and other collagen rich areas.  It's filled with various amino acids and provides loads of benefits.

Most notably, gelatin supports healthy hair, skin and nails.  And, those of us with joint issues can get noticeable relief from regular consumption of gelatin.  Those taking gelatin may also experience an improvement in digestion as gelatin is said to help food move through the body. Gelatin can also help tighten loose skin while addressing stubborn cellulite.  These are just some of the benefits. I didn't even mention how gelatin can help treat conditions related to low bone density, arthritis, etc.

The list of benefits were impressive enough for me to take the plunge and get the Great Lakes Gelatin which is sourced from grass-fed cows.  This morning was my first opportunity to test out gelatin in my smoothie.  The stuff is a white  (orderless) powder. I didn't taste it on it's own so I have no idea what it tastes like.  The smoothie it's self didn't taste any different with the exception of the texture so I assume it's tasteless.

Gelatin is the stuff that folks would use to make jello back in the day long before jello became a processed product.  So, when I took the first sip of my smoothie, I immediately noticed was a slightly thicker consistency.  I didn't mind this at all because I often drink my smoothie as a meal replacement in the morning and I like something that can stick to my bones.  As time went on, I noticed the thickness increase a little more.  No, my smoothie didn't turn into a bowl of jello, but it's definitely much thicker than normal.  I'm also taking into account that I added more than the recommended serving of 1 tablespoon. With a long day of errands ahead of me, I appreciate knowing that I probably won't be hungry for a while.  Oh, they also said that gelatin can help with weight loss.  I can totally see that because so far I only drank half my smoothie and I'm stuffed. Wait! Are you telling me that I can possibly lose weight, while getting beauty & health benefits?  How have I not heard of this before?

 I'll probably also pick up the one in the Green Container which has similar benefits but doesn't have the thickening qualities when added to liquids. I'll use the red one in my smoothies and the green in my bamboo tea or lemon water.
Both varieties have tons of positive reviews on Amazon so why not get both?

With each sip of my thicker, creamier smoothie, I visualized my skin getting plumper as well.  It helps everything go down smoother.

Oh.....before I go, I should also mention that this powder is said to work wonders in a conditioner mix as an amazing mask for the hair.  We'll discuss this more once I've had the opportunity to experiment.


  1. Did you have problems with the gelatin clumping with the cold Ingredients of the smoothie?

  2. Not at all Shara. The blendtec did a good job of blending everything very well. The only thing was that it made my smoothie thicker. It's been hours since I had my shake and I'm still full.


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