Grey Day


December is the time of year when most are bundled up in the warmest of layers.  Unfortunately the unseasonably warm weather down here doesn't call for knitted sweaters and mittens.  So I have to get a little creative when putting together fall looks in summer-like temperatures.    

Chanel Tote
Chanel Tote

A lightweight, short sleeve cardigan wrap I picked up, last year, from Target  is perfect for times like this.  Visually, it has the look of a sweater but feels as light as a comfortable blouse.

A few weeks back, I decided to put this Chanel bag on Ebay.  After storing it away for months, I found myself not reaching for it as much as I thought.  After weeks of going back and forth I (thought) I made the decision to sell it.

2 day old curls created with the help of Conair Flexirods
The moment I took it out of it's dust bag, I remembered what drew me on the day I first laid eyes on it.  So for now, she's staying with me.

Chain necklace
Silver Chain Necklace

With all grey attire, it's easy to fall into the trap of being monochromatic from head to toe.  Is there a better way to add a pop of color than rocking the classic red nail?

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  1. I love that look, very classic. And that style Chanel tote! Still waiting on that handbag collection. Or maybe a section in your style tab labelled handbags so I can see them all lined up? Pretty please?


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