Say goodbye to stretch marks & loose skin with MSM

I have rediscovered yet another item in my beauty collection that I've brought back into rotation.  The moment my eyes laid on the product, I was reminded why I purchased it in the first place.  This lotion was different from all the others I own because it contains MSM.  If I recall correctly, it was right around the time when I  first purchased MSM water.  After doing all kinds of research on the benefits of using MSM externally, I was led to the merits of MSM Lotion.

What sold me on purchasing this product was a YouTube video by a woman known as the "ImpatientDieter." On this channel, she documented her very impressive weight loss journey while also touching on motivational and Law of Attraction topics.  She is very open with her progress.  In many of her videos, she is in her bra and panties showing her viewers the progress she's made.  Many of them began to comment on the lack of loose skin and stretch marks she had after loosing so much weight.

She learned her secret on how to avoid loose skin after loosing so much weight from another Youtuber who lost over 200 lbs but didn't experience loose skin.  This guy attributed his success to taking MSM supplements.  This reminded her of the time back in college when she was first introduced to MSM soap.  Because her ultra sensitive skin loved the MSM soap, she continued to use it even after college. As she put on the pounds, then lost the weight, she noticed that her new body has no stretch marks or loose skin.  Her mother, on the other hand, is plagued with stretch marks which led her to believe that her results were not simply a matter of genetics.

That's when I decided to get both the soap and lotion.  I finished the soap long ago and decided to use the cream as a way of adding MSM directly to the skin on a daily basis.  Since then, I also got some MSM powder which go directly into my morning smoothies.  The lotion is great because it solves multiple needs at once.  My skin receives much needed moisture and at the same time, it's getting much, much more.  You may have heard that what we put on our skin goes into our bodies.  Well, our bodies need sulfur for proper functioning and for beauty benefits.  Some say they've even received relief from joint pain by using MSM lotion.

Stretch mark benefits are one thing, but when I also heard that it helps keep the skin tight, I had no choice to take the plunge.   I go through phases where I gain and lose weight.  I know this isn't good for the body so I want to make sure to avoid the possibility of loose skin as much as I can.  MSM has become a permanent part of my anti-aging routine. **Side note, I don't like the term anti-aging but would prefer something more positive.  Haven't come up with anything clever yet**  Just as she used the soap for years as a way of preventing loose skin after weight loss, I'm hoping that long term use of MSM can help keep my skin firm for as long as possible. So ladies, if you have tried the supplements but would like to experience MSM benefits on a new level, consider the soap or cream as part of your overall beauty routine.


  1. I have tried taking MSM supplements but it caused acne breakouts so I recently stopped. So are you saying applying MSM topically is just as good as using it internally?

    1. For some people, MSM needs you to take more water than you usually do. That was my experience when I was taking MSM and Biotin for hair growth.

  2. Hi Harlem,
    This new way of using MSM can bring some new benefits. And it also provides a way for folks who haven't had good results with the supplement. to still get MSM into their system. For hair benefits, maybe you can try misting MSM water to your roots when you moisturize.

  3. First, I must say that I love your blog. I read it weekly and I truly appreciate how open you are and what you share.

    I was just speaking with a girlfriend of mind and asking her if she knew of anything that could help me get rid of stretch marks and she had no tips for me. I look on your website and boom! I think I am definitely going to try it. Thanks for sharing, if you find any other anti stretch mark remedies, please share because I will be reading!

  4. Hi Constance! For deep stretch marks, I read that derma rolling is pretty effective. I've written a post on it when I talked about how I would address my acne scars.

  5. Wow, you took me way back....Impatient Dieter! I wonder whatever happened to her? She was trying something and said she'd be back to give us the results but I haven't seen her upload a video since. I hope she's ok!

    She put me on to MSM soap as well. I've been using that along with Rhaossoul (??) Clay soap to get a glow to my skin (think Mary J) and the interchanging them has done wonders for my skin! It will definitely be a staple in my Upkeep Regimen! ;-)

    Cay James

  6. We should control our daily diet for a stretch mark free body. Include fresh and leafy vegetables to our daily diet; drink lot more water and juices daily to keep the body moisturized.

  7. @ Arunima, use stretch marks removal cream that will act as a good remedy for this problem.

  8. Hi Nadege,

    Are you still using MSM? Are you seeing some of the benefits?

  9. Hi Juliana,
    I bought some MSM crystals that I put into my smoothies. The taste is fairly undetectable. But if you use too much, it can make your smoothies a bit bitter. I also get some MSM when I take Beautifully Bamboo supplements. Luckily, I haven't have any stretch marks even though I recently gained weight. In the past I've seen stretch marks on my thighs but not this time.

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