Day or Night: Does it matter when we take our vitamins?

I've created yet another (unproven) theory that I'd like to share with you all today.  This one has to do with taking vitamins.  More importantly, when we take them.   It all goes back to a personal experience I had a while ago.  My day was so busy, I forgot to take my supplements. Before going to bed I decided to take my fish oil and call it a day.

 The next morning, my skin was so dewy and had a fabulous glow.  I asked myself "what happened?" My skin never does this when I take fish oil during the day.  Then I reflected a little about the difference that may have occurred when I took my supplement at night.

Of course we all know that our bodies go through major repair while we sleep. Our muscles are restored, waste and toxins are collected for elimination, our body is rebuilding while we rest.  It's what happens to our skin that is most interesting.  While we sleep, our body creates new cells to replace the old skin cells that are shed during waking hours.  So I asked myself, "could the fish oil I take before bed act as a tool to help aid in the creation of healthier skin?"

When we take supplements during the day, they're consumed and absorbed at a time when we have so many other things going on.  We're constantly moving around, we're digesting food, we're burning calories.  But at night, it's all about rebuilding and repair.  Perhaps if we took certain supplements before bed, it could make a positive impact on the rebuilding process.

Notice that I said certain supplements.  For instance, I wouldn't take a multi-vitamin before bed because it's recommended that we take those with a meal. B Vitamins help elevate energy levels so taking them before resting can interfere with our sleep.  At the moment, I only take a fish oil supplement before bed.  I may consider taking a lower dose biotin before bed. Since biotin is water soluble, I may be going through it pretty quickly because of my increased water intake. If I take some biotin before bed, my body can better utilize it while I rest.  Biotin is technically a B vitamin but most of us are used to taking it so the impact to our sleep might not be that severe.  I read several accounts online where some chose to take their biotin at night.  Mineral supplements can also be taken at night.  It's even said that taking minerals at night may even help you sleep better.

I'm going to experiment with this a little more until I find what works for me. Everyone is different so some can take B Vitamins at night and sleep like a baby.  I'm going to start by including a calcium supplement to my nightly regimen and keep going from there. Oh, and I'll probably create a nightly ritual of drinking a cup of bamboo tea so I can get my silica right before bed.  If it is indeed true that our bodies can get more value from taking some supplements at night time then I'm all in.


  1. I bought some mineral rich from Amazon so I'm going to take a swig of it every night right before bed.

  2. After having to go in for a few very early morning procedures, I started talking all my medicine at night before bed with whatever I eat for dinner. I have chronic insomnia so I wouldn't ever be able to say the B12 was interfering with it but I sleep great once I get to sleep. Not sure if it's helped with my skin cause I've gotten lucky in that usually it's fine without much effort on my part. Will have to start taking more notice.

  3. When I was pregnant I took my prenatal vitamins before bed. That was mainly so that I wouldn't feel the effects of nausea it brings. I think vitamins before bed is a great idea!

  4. I don't think it has to do much with absorption (again a personal unproven theory) but rather the fact that our basal metabolism is higher at night. But I do wonder what "science" says on the subject, I'm just lucky if I take my vitamins consistently - no matter what time of day! LOL!

  5. well, my body clock's off since I work graveyard. But I exercise > take vitamins > take shower > go to bed (usually by afternoon). I figure that resting period is when all the repairs are being taken care and the vitamins are helping everything along. Can't WAIT to see your post on Mineral Rich. You already have me on FCLO and bamboo tea. Everything's going along quite well, I must say;

  6. As far as I know, vitamins should be taken in the morning/ afternoon. I am taking special supplement for my hair - Hair Gain Formula,it contains the basic natural nutrients for hair. The instruction says it should be taken before 4 p.m. By the way, hair really becomes thicker and healthier!

    1. Can you please tell me what vitamins are you taking for hair?

  7. Nadege: Could you post your vitamins please?

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