Monday Motivation| Focus on making your Intension Easy

I recall, after learning about the Law of Attraction and manifestation, trying to implement the concepts right away.  The rule of thumb was to attract "small things" like great parking spots, a free cup of coffee, and such.

For a while, things worked amazingly well.  With enough focus, I could manifest little intentions with the greatest of ease.  But when it came to some of my bigger desires, I seemed to always struggle.  It felt like something was blocking me from experiencing the "harder intentions."

It took me a while to realize that I needed a strategy change.  I was tired of only manifesting small things. I wanted to play in the big leagues.  And once I figured out what I needed to do differently, everything transformed. What I realized was that I was classifying certain intentions as easy to achieve and others as challenging.  They were "big goals" and I didn't know how they would happen.  So they lingered on my list of intentions for years.

Then I asked myself, "is my perception of the level of difficulty stopping me from making it happen?" The answer was clear.   The more challenging I perceived the goal to be, the more it eluded me.  The new strategy was simple. Make every new goal seem as easy to achieve as possible.

Depending on the goal, there are multiple ways to do this.  First and foremost, you have to eliminate any sort of language that would classify your intention as hard to manifest.  This includes the words we speak and how we think about our desires.  It takes a lot of focus but it's absolutely critical.  Our words and thoughts are the source of our resistance.  Basically, things seem hard because we think of it as hard or we verbalize it as such.

It's all a matter of perspective.  And once I figured that out, everything shifted.  Within a short time, I was manifesting outcomes that once eluded me for years.  The mind is a funny thing.  It's like having a strict parent who won't let you date a boy because your parent doesn't think he's good for you.  So I had to change my mind's "opinion." All I had to do was to get my mind to believe in what I wanted.  I visualized the good things that would come as a result of achieving instead of focusing on my fears.  Whenever I talked about my wants, I never allowed any negativity in my language.

Remember, your mind is always listening. 

Phase II involved submerging myself in the goal in real life.  Let me explain.  Basically, I got to the intention out of my head and sought it out in reality.  Submersion is critical because it's so very powerful.  It's a method that allows you to become desensitized  (in a good way) to what you want.  When something is unfamiliar to you, fear will always be present.  Your job is to eliminate the fear by becoming very comfortable with your intention happening in physical reality.

Figuring out how to desensitize your mind to the new outcome may require some thought but it's so very worth it.  And it feels really good too.  Your mind will put it's guard down because experiencing what you desire will no longer be unfamiliar and scary.  It'll feel amazing.  Soon, your actions naturally will gravitate in that direction and manifesting will come with such ease that you'll wonder why it took so long in the first place.

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  1. This is amazing advice. I swear this blog is becoming everything to me! Cheers love :)


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