Who to Follow @Tosha_Eason

We're back with another dose of inspiration for your Instagram feed.
This week's muse is @Tosha_Eason.  She's a true creative who has an eye for stunning visuals.  Her experience in the fashion industry is evident in her beautifully curated images.
Tosha's style is wonderful mix of glam and a little bit of rock & roll.  She's a master at pairing various pieces to create very wearable looks.  That's to be expected because Tosha is also a wardrobe stylist.  Every outfit post she shares is like receiving styling advice straight to your feed.
Oh, I should also mention that Tosha has a strength in interior design.  Not only is she giving us flawless fashion, but she also shares glimpses of her home decor projects.
Tosha's living space.
Tosha in her beautifully designed office.

Fashion and home design inspiration in one? Yes please.   Not only can you stay connected with Tosha on Instagram, but you should also check out her style blog.

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