How to Create the Life You're Obsessed With

I'd like to share a story that marks the turning point in the direction of my life. One day, several years ago, I took a morning walk before work at a popular park downtown.  While there I saw a young lady who embodied the vision of I had for myself.  She was physically fit. Her skin was even toned and glowing. Her hair was ultra healthy and she looked really put together.  The moment I saw her, I started thinking about how much I was unlike her.  My mind instantly began to focus on how different my current life was compared to the vision I had for myself.
The negative thoughts grew until I could physically feel it in my body.

Then, out of nowhere, I snapped out of it.  

The runaway train of negativity stopped abruptly when I asked myself one single question.

"Is there anything I can do right now to bring me one step closer to where I want to be?"


That very day, I incorporated a series of small actions that altered the course of my life.  For example, parked nearby where the young lady was standing was my dream car.  That very day, I decided to open a bank account specifically to save for a down payment of the same make and model.

The girl obviously placed a high priority in her personal appearance.  I, on the other hand, used my crazy work schedule as an excuse to allow things to slide.  That very morning, I realized that my life didn't look like I wanted solely because of me.  I had a highly demanding job that required all of my time because of me.

If this was true, then it was up to me to change it.  The reason I was able to alter my life wasn't because I took enormous action. Nope.  Instead, I constantly asked myself, "what's the smallest step I could take right now that brings be closer to where I want to be."  Setting up a bank account and an automatic transfer next payday was free and took 1 minute.

Painting my nails when I got home and applying a face mask took 5 minutes.  Writing down a list of little things I could do to work on my business every day was a small act.  Those little details created the turning point in my life.

So, here I am today, enjoying the fruits of the decisions made in the past.  It's now time to start putting together the stepping stones for the future.  To do so, I'm following the same process that I did before.

1.  Have a clear picture of the new reality that you wish to experience. Make sure that vision really excites you and that you're obsessed with it. (when I saw that girl standing near my dream car, I was filled with emotion because it felt like I was seeing my vision come alive).

2. Once you have the picture in place, do something.....anything... to bring the vision into the real world.  If you don't do this step, your vision remains a fantasy.  Let's be real here. Fantasies do not exist.  They are a figment of the imagination.  Taking small, simple actions allows your vision to take real (3D) form.

If you're feeling down or uninspired by your life, it's because your vision is still floating around in your head.  Now is the time to start making it real.  The key word here is to start.


  1. What a great message! More often than not, it's the little actions and steps that we take have a much bigger payoff than that one big thing that we do. Sometimes the only thing that's stopping us is ourselves. We need to get out of our own way.

  2. Yes I love this and totally agree! GOD allows us all this time to get OURSELVES together instead of sitting and just waiting for it to happen. HE is trying to bring out of us the greatness that HE has already put in us!

    1. Yes! God has given us so much greatness potential and we often tend to focus on where we are lacking. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

  3. Hi Nadege, great post! I've come to realize that I and the next person living my dream(in skin, hair, car, clothes, etc) have exactly the same number of hours in a day. Time management I believe is key to realizing our intentions. No matter how busy we are, and we are, there's definitely moments that will yield greater results if we use them more productively.


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