The Facial Gadget that Exfoliates, Deep Cleans Pores & Makes Your Products Work Even Better

After finding a local esthetician school that offered skin care services at a fraction of the price, I immediately scheduled a series of microcurrent facials. I'm one of those annoying clients that like to talk and ask questions throughout the entire ordeal.

Durning my second visit, I asked the nice young lady, with beautiful skin, what her favorite treatment was.  Her answer was a bit surprising.  Instead of microdermabrasion or deep exfoliating peels, she started telling me about a little machine that she claims "made a real difference in her skin."
I immediately start rattling off questions.  She responds by telling me that she'd use it during my service to experience it for myself.  Essentially, she described the tool as having the ability to allow skin care products to better permeate the skin.  When that happens, you'll notice a difference.

The day after the treatment, I woke up with radiant looking skin. But I couldn't be too sure if this was a cumulative benefit of my second facial in 2 weeks or because we added the skin scrubber into the mix.  So I decided to do some research into the little gadget to find out more about it's potential.

The tool she utilized is known as an Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber.  What this baby does is vibrate at 28,000 cycles per minute.   Why is that important?  Because the high vibration can impact your skin in a way that other tools can not.

You use the skin scrubber in two ways:
1. To deep clean and exfoliate
2. To help serums better penetrate the skin.

Let's talk about the exfoliation part.   Y'all know that exfoliation is my favorite thing in the world.  I thought I knew everything there is to know on the topic.  Then this little gadget came along and changed everything.  When you use it on damp skin, the scrubber essentially "blasts" your pores clean at 28,000 beats per second.  Someone likened it to pressure washing your pores.  You caan actually see the water particles bouncing off the skin as one would when pressure washing a surface.  It's a joy to watch.  After you're finished, your face is completely dry. Your skin is soft without feeling stripped.

Years ago, I was instructed by Lady Dee (RIP) never to towel dry my face.  I tried my best to use paper towels for a while but I eventually fell back into old habits. But, with this amazing skin care gadget, I never have to towel dry my face again (laughs maniacally)!   Before I bought the ultrasonic skin scrubber, I watched a few Youtube videos. One guy talked about how he stopped using his Clarisonic once he got his hands on the scrubber.  My first thought was, "how Sway?"  How is this little machine any better than the infamous Clarisonic?  But, after my first at home use, I felt no need to reach for the Clarisonic.  I think I'll relegate it to body scrubbing in the shower from now on.

*Side note: Technically, I'm not sure if the Ultrasonic Scrubber is designed for daily use so I'll tread carefully and alternate between the Clarisonic and this if necessary.*

Yes, it exfoliates, but a bit differently than your current exfoliators. It's super gentle.  Although it vibrates quickly, you barely feel it on the skin.  Those of you with sensitive skin will love this thing.  You can even combine the tool with your exfoliating products.  Yesterday, I did an at home facial by first cleansing then steaming the pores open.  The steamer I use has a cool mist function which really dampens the skin. I applied a little mandelic acid and let it sit for a couple of minutes before removing with the facial scrubber.  Typically, mandelic acid doesn't irritate me but this time, I experienced a little more irritation than normal.  I think it's the combination of open pores and the ultrasonic scrubber driving the product deeper into my pores.

Once the facial was complete,  I used the scrubber to help increase the penetration of my serum.   You'll see in the video below that this amazing tool is dual function.  Some of us spend good money on serums but don't experience it's full potential because it stays on the surface of the skin.  For a while now, I've been craving Sunday Riley's Good Genes after discovering it as an Instagram Beauty Secret.   I'm finally ready to take the plunge knowing that I could experience even more benefits thanks to my deep pore penetrator!

I purchased this Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber and a host of other skin related gadgets at the same time. This was the first one to arrive and so far, it's a hit!  As I try the others, I'll let you know if any of those exceed my expectations as this one has.


  1. I wanted to thank you for sharing this gadget as I only learned about it from reading your article. I immediately bought one and it has just arrived, so I am looking forward to trying it out. Thanks for the suggestion xx

  2. Have you been using this gadget regularly? Is it worth purchasing?

    I love your blog btw.

  3. Does the scrubber have the same effect as a microcurrent tool such as the 24k beautybar? Or would you recommend purchasing both?

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    These tools are different from each other. I would say that the Ultrasonic Facial Scrubber is much more effective. I've noticed real results from it. Plus it vibrates as a much faster speed than the 24k bar. If I had to choose 1 of the 2, I would definitely go with the Facial Scrubber.


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