[Sweat the Technique] Charlotte Tilburry demonstrates the lash trick that gives you the perfect cat eye

Chances are that wearing a little mascara is a part of your daily routine.  Putting on mascara is one of those things that we sometimes do without thinking.  Perhaps you work on your lashes while thinking about the activities of the day ahead.

The other day, I realized that I don't really have a specific mascara application technique. At first, I questioned whether having a certain technique even mattered.  Then I wondered if there was an ideal technique to create an enhanced winged eye.

As someone with a hooded lid, the traditional methods that create the winged eye will sometimes fall flat.  You can barely see my eyeliner (because my hood covers it) so I have to try alternated methods.

Thank goodness that Charlotte Tilbury, the creator of one of my favorite mascaras, Legendary Lashes, has our back.  She launched a video that demonstrates exactly how to apply mascara in a way that creates the perfect cat eye effect.

To produce the winged lash effect, we start by holding the brush diagonal to the lashes.  Then as we pull the mascara wand through the lashes, we focus on lengthening the lashes outward.  As I watched the video demonstration, I paid close attention to how she holds the wand. One thing I picked up on is how she held the wand in 3 different positions throughout the process.  That's something I never do.....but I will now.

The final result really enhances the shape of the eye without having to rely on eyeliner to create the full effect.  Check out this short video and try this technique for yourself.


  1. I like this! I never thought about applying mascara like that. I have also never tried out this brand and now interested. Thanks for sharing.


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