The non damaging Hooded Hair Dryer of the future that will change everything.

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Wash days are the biggest hassle of the week, I have to dedicate at least half a day to allow enough time for all the activities that take place.  First I'll pre-poo, then wash and deep condition (often under a steamer) then roller set and, lastly, I spend over an hour under an uncomfortable dryer.  Of all the steps, drying is the one that I hate the most.

Hopefully soon, all of my prayers will be answered. Thanks to a loving husband by the name of Martin McCurtis, who made it his mission to re-engineer the hair dryer.  After observing his wife spending hours under the dryer, he thought to himself, "there has to be a better way."  Soon he set about the work of inventing a hooded dryer that can cut drying time by 30%-55%.
The Momentum Dryer, uses the principles of evaporation to improve the experience of drying time. The basis for the technology behind the Momentum Dryer is to draw air upwards and outwards. This is contrary to how typical dryers operate.  The Momentum Dryer experience is more comfortable for the person sitting in the "hot seat".  There's no sweating as you sit under the Momentum Dryer because there's no direct heat. Martin also claims that his tool will dry hair more evenly than current competitors on the market. This means no more taking out rollers and finding damp hair in one section while the rest is completely dry.

I love the fact that this reduces the incidents of hot spots which could damage hair.  My current dryer concentrates the most heat towards my crown.  I've noticed some breakage & damage at this part of my hair and I'm almost 100% certain that my dryer is the culprit.

Martin McCurtis' strategy is to launch his line of dryers to the professional salon market.  This makes sense from a business perspective but we all know that these dryers could do just as well if launched in the consumer sector.  The good news is Martin may possibly launch a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the development of the Momentum dryer.  I'm crossing my fingers that his Kickstarter campaign will allow investors to purchase a personal unit.  If that happens, I'm all over it.

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