Two additional steps you need to take when applying your facial beauty products.

This past week I visited a skin care center for a consultation.  I'm currently exploring a series of treatments that will smooth out the texture of my skin.  I think I have found a highly effective procedure that could transform my skin. I'm excited to try it out later this year and tell you all about it.

Whenever I get the opportunity to talk with a skin care expert, I always try to pick their brain for any tips that I can share with y'all.  During my recent conversation, I picked up a little golden nugget that I've quickly incorporated into my routine.  I'm pretty certain it'll become a lifelong habit.
As we were wrapping up the appointment, the skin care specialist pulled out a gift bag and proceeded to generously fill it various skin product samples.  I thanked her for the free gifts. Then she began detailing instructions on how to best utilize the gifted items.

"Every day, after applying products to your face, I want you to use the remainder on your neck & decolettee.  Then, spread the rest of it over your hands."

I've been doing better with applying facial products over my neck, but rarely do I reach the upper part of my chest.  And I never put anything over my hands.  But ever since I've been given this advice, I've been consistent.  This feels so natural.  Now, I wonder why I ever thought it made sense to only apply skin care products on my face.  All exposed skin deserves the same level of love and attention.

Over time, you will thank yourself for making this tiny tweak to your routine.  While everyone else has hands that reveal their age, you will have soft, plump, gorgeous hands that defy time.

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