[Style Obsession] The Statement Skirt + Why we should all own statement pieces

Last weekend I attended an expo of that featured minority female entrepreneurs.  I arrived just before the first panel session began.  After quickly getting in line, I noticed the young lady standing in front of me wearing the most amazing skirt.
It was a full-length maxi with bright colors and bold patterns.  The skirt also had a faux leather trim that accentuated her tiny waist.  Instinctively, I complimented the woman on how fabulous her skirt was before I had a chance to properly introduce myself.  Because the skirt was so eye catching, she wore a basic white tank to balance out the look. She was genuinely appreciative of my comment and we chatted a little bit before grabbing our registration packets.

She and I hung out for the first 20 minutes or so before the seminar began. We walked over to the vendor section and, I kid you not, she received an additional 5-6 more compliments on her skirt within minutes.  People were drawn to her.  Each those compliments created an opportunity for her to start a conversation with a potential new friend or future client.  At a networking event like this one, an easy conversation starter is absolutely invaluable.
Her statement skirt was thee ultimate conversation starter.   She boasted about how comfortable it was. Because of the full length, she could have been wearing heels or comfy stylish flats and we wouldn't have known the difference.

That day, I realized how important it was to incorporate "conversation starter" pieces into our wardrobe.  Every one of us should own items that easily draws the attention of others.  The woman I met that day was in a network marketing (MLM) business.  The growth of her empire depends on how many people she enrolls in her team. We never know who we 'll come across and how that person can impact our lives. So it's important to create as many networking opportunities often as possible.  Dressing well is directly related to her success....and she clearly understood this.   Dressing well is a part of our success as well.  Let's always remember that.

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  1. Such and inspiration! I am exciting about finding my statement pieces. Being a full time college student I don't have many opportunities to dress up, but I am looking forward to finding ways incorporate style and statement pieces into my daily life.


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