Monday Motivation | The Process of becoming a Master Level Creator

After my first introduction to the Law of Attraction, I found myself going back and forth between manifesting easily and going months without experiencing any of my intentions.  After a little bit of reflection, I realized that manifesting frequently had a lot to do with how often I engaged in the Law of Attraction process.

The more involved I was with the process, the easier it became.

At one point I (mentally) referred to myself as a "Master Level Creator" because it seemed like everything I desired happened so easily.

I'm ready to get back to that place again.  And what better time to do that than the last part of the year?
My creation process did not involve putting together a Vision Board.  I find that vision boards were a bit to static an only focused on long term goals.  Nothing wrong with that but I want to experience my intentions on a very regular basis.  The more frequent, the better.

So instead of putting together a Vision Board, I identified a list of  current intentions.  The list didn't have to focus on lofty goals -- like my dream home.  Instead I'd include things like finding out the name of a song that I heard at an event & fell in love with it.  Or wanting to attract a lip color that I saw someone else wearing.  Or learning of a new beauty product/ritual that addresses a current concern.

Basically, any small thing in my life that I want to be different, I create an intention for it.  There's no intention to small.  Last week, I contacted my favorite skin care center to discuss ideas about how to address some hyperpigmentation issues.  They went over options with me and made a product recommendation.  After the phone conversation, I set the intention to receive a sample of the product free of charge (even though the person quoted me $70.00 over the phone).   When I arrived for my appointment, I discussed my skin concerns with the spa owner.  At the end of the convo, I asked her about the price of product to which she replied "free, it's my gift."  Moments later, I walked out with a free full size product.  This was the second intention that manifested that week.

I was on a roll.

In order to keep the momentum going, I decided to create a manifestation journal.  In this journal, I'd keep a log of everything that I asked for and received.  This simple process would serve as a tool to get me back to Master Level Manifesting.
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The idea came from Darren Hardy, author of the Compound Effect.  In one of his talks he discussed the time that he kept a daily log of everything that he loves about his wife.  At the end of the year, he gave his little love journal to her as a gift.  Earlier this year, I kept a similar log (on a tracking app on my phone) of every time hubby did something sweet (no matter how big or small).  Let me tell you,  this habit made our marriage 100% stronger.  He still doesn't know about this list but it seems like the more I was aware of his loving behavior, the more of it I got to experience.  He transformed right before my very eyes but nothing really changed.  It kinda reminds me of the lesson from "What the Bleep.." which basically teaches us that our reality shifts according to the observer.


In the same way, I'm determined to transform my reality one intention at a time.

One rule of Master Level Creation is to always think and reflect on what you've manifested in the past and what you wish to create in the (near) future.  This keeps me in a constant place of expectation. It's fun, exciting and empowering.  I'm always wondering if the thing I desire will manifest today. And when I do get it, I make a big deal of it.  This helps me keep a positive energy because feeling good about the process is absolutely critical.  And, the more you manifest, the more you solidify confidence around how much influence you actually have over your life.

Other things I do to fuel my creation process include watching videos of others who've shared their manifestation stories only on Youtube, visualizing regularly, or executing my Feel Good Routine.

The more I engage in the creation process the more amazing my life becomes.  I urge everyone to develop your own manifestation routine.  No matter what, never stop creating.

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  1. Your site is well-rounded and informative, Nadege. I've been reading your beauty articles and feeling more confident about my current beauty updates/transformation. This mindset/lifestyle focused article is something that I needed to read today and didn't even know it. I was feeling less than great earlier on today and so seeing this reminded me that I have more control than I think. Thank you!


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