Try This Technique for Ultra Hydrated Skin [Kylie Jenner Approved]

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Lately, I've been making small tweaks to my makeup application techniques.  Some of these little shifts have made a real difference in the overall final look.  One of the biggest changes I've made recently is in how I apply my foundation.

As you may know, Kevyn Aucoin's Sensual Skin Enhancer has pretty much taken the role as my number one skin care beauty product.  It's performed so well that I've practically forgotten about the full bottle of NARS foundation that was starting to collect dust.

But, after trying this new technique, I've fallen in love with my foundation again.  Heck, this little trick even makes my skin look great using only BB Creme.

What I'm doing differently is using an inexpensive application tool that you all have seen before.  I'm not talking about the infamous Beauty Blender (although I do have a few and they are great).  My new favorite makeup application tool is the wedge-shaped sponge.

I actually love the flat angles of the wedge versus the curvier Beauty Blender.

Here's why.
The flat shape of the wedge allows me to easily press the product deeper into my skin.  Instead of swiping the product onto my skin (like I would do if I applied with my fingers).  I pat it in using a stippling motion.  By doing so, the product is fused with my skin so seamlessly that you can barely tell that I'm wearing makeup.  But, at the same time, the end result is a flawless finish.

I stopped wearing foundation because every time I wore foundation, it looked like I was wearing foundation. Meaning, you could tell that my face was covered with a product to hide blemishes.  With this new technique, the final result is much more natural (while still effective).
Since implementing this new technique, I haven't turned back.

But then I decided to take things to a new level.

I thought to myself, if this technique helps my skin to better absorb product? How else can I utilize it? Immediately my mind began to race and I wondered if I could "press" hydrating products deeper into my skin as well.

My first instinct was to grab a bottle of my current moisturizer and put small amounts of it all over my face.  Next, I began pressing the moisturizer in using the same dabbing motion.  Afterward, my skin looked really hydrated.  Sometimes moisturizer seems to sit on top of my skin. With this technique, my skin seemed to drink it all in.

Instead of appearing like I deliberately added product to hydrate my skin, it looks effortlessly moisturized (hope that makes sense).

I do realize that some of the product was probably absorbed by the sponge but, I also firmly believe that it drove the product in a bit deeper than with using my fingers alone.

At first, I thought I crazy for applying facial moisturizer with a sponge but after searching online for additional validation, I learned that Kylie Jenner uses a similar technique. But instead of applying moisturizer with an inexpensive makeup sponge, she opts for one of those high-end Artist brushes which are probably made with baby mink hair or something.  Thank goodness for dupes.

I may not use this technique on a daily basis, but it'll absolutely be a part of my going out routine.  Or whenever I feel like my skin is feeling extra dry and I need to moisturize the deeper layers.

Give it a try and see if your skin loves it too.

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