Monday Motivation | How to Cause Great Things to Happen in Your Life

My mind is constantly thinking about my goals.  There probably isn't a day that goes by where I'm not thinking about the experiences I want.  But lately, I've realized that some of what I constantly think about has remained at the same status.

I reflected for a while and was reminded of a lesson I learned several years ago.  The topic of the lesson was regarding how we are creating a future that will look very much like it does today. Our current actions create our future results. If we continue to live our lives the exact way as before, we will experience the same outcomes.

Unless something drastic happens, we can pretty much assume that the new experiences we desire, won't happen.  I know someone who's constantly proclaiming big goals. Years go by and none of it happens.  Why?  Because this person is missing one major element.  That person isn't CAUSING his intentions to happen.

In the seminar I attended years ago, the facilitator reminded us that we needed to be the CAUSE of powerful things happening in our life.  Sitting around and expecting for outcomes to manifest just because we talk about it is a fallacy.

Yeah, thoughts become things, but we still have to be the cause of our thoughts manifesting into reality.

We have to remember that words have a specific purpose and that is to fuel us into action.  But without a vehicle, your fuel isn't of any value.

 Talking about what you want is easy but causing your intentions to happen requires a different level of involvement.

One thing I constantly have to ask myself is whether I've been taking an inactive role in creating my future.  Am I the fan sitting in the stands talking about the game, or am I on the field playing the game?

What am I doing to cause my dreams to become real?

This is the true process of reality creation.  If I want certain aspects of my life to be different 1, 3, or 5, years from now, I've have to put in the work now.  The level of work required to alter the course of my immediate and long-term future.

You can apply this concept of causation to any situation both big and small.  For instance, I wish to redo my office.  I have old furniture and a ton of paperwork that I need to declutter.  The whole room needs a makeover.  I've been talking about it forever.   And I'll continue to talk about wanting to redo the room until something causes the situation to change.  Something as simple as ordering the furniture will cause me to move into action. Before the delivery arrives, I'll be forced to declutter in preparation.

 You can take massive action or you can take the Slight Edge/Compound Effect approach.  Both work and will allow you to cause new intentions to manifest.

It's as simple as creating a catalyst that moves things in the right direction.   Let's become people who can powerfully create the things we say simply by taking full ownership of the outcome. Let's not assume that just because we say a few words that it'll magically happen. Something has to create a spark for that new outcome to exist. That something is you.

This weekend I had the pleasure of speaking with a reader who shared her story of how she transformed her life and launched her business after being inspired by Monday Motivation posts.  I'll share her story this week as Fearless Friday feature.    

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  1. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration. I'm looking forward to the Friday feature!


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