Snapchat Beauty Secret | Tracee Ellis Ross made me want these Anti-Aging Patches

Yesterday, I decided to jump on Snapchat for a few minutes.  Little did I know that, in those few moments, I would be introduced to a future purchase. When Tracee Ellis Ross popped up on my screen, she had my immediate attention.

Tracee appeared to be sitting in a make up chair, getting prepped for her next appearance.  On her face were various "patches" meant for targeted anti-aging.  Along her nasal labial folds were two large strips. Tracie also sported two under her eyes and one huge patch on her forehead.

The first word that came to mind was "genius!" These things are absolutely brilliant.  We are all familiar with Korean sheet masks and how they can instantly infuse the skin with moisture.  Imagine using the same concept with strips that stick firmly to skin. Just imagine having the ability to target specific areas of the face with patches infused with anti-aging ingredients.

I'm really excited that such a product exists. Unfortunately for us, Tracee didn't reveal the product name of the product.  I'm guessing they were provided by a makeup artist with the inside scoop on celebrity beauty secrets. I was sold on the wonders of sheet masks after experimenting with using one before a night out.  That day, I experienced, first hand, how sheet masks can quickly impact our skin.

All that moisture concentrated in one area can create an immediate plumping effect. As I watched that Snapstory over and over, I wondered to myself "what if you can wear those to sleep for intense overnight results?" Who knows, maybe using these beauty patches repeatedly could have a cumulative effect.

I searched for what seemed like hours but I still couldn't locate a product with forehead, under-eye and smile line patches all in one package.  So I had to come up with possible alternatives.  Until I find the exact brand Tracee used, I'm gonna locate some high quality under eye patches to use both under the eyes and in the laugh lines.  I did find a brand that offers forehead patches as a stand alone product.

The cool thing is that you don't have to go all out like Tracee did. Perhaps your forehead is perfectly smooth and you have no marionette lines, then just go for the under eye strips.  Or, go all out and give yourself the full celebrity treatment.


  1. I am with you on this one. I will be ordering my under eye patches shortly!

  2. Those look like the Skyn Iceland face gels. They make a set for the forehead and smile lines.

  3. I think this may be what you're looking for.

    1. Hi Anon!
      Yes! You've found them. Thanks so much. :)


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