Say Goodbye to Dark Under Eye Circles Thanks to This Concealer Trick

In one of my most recent trips to Sephora, I learned that they offered various makeup application courses.  I promised myself that I would wake up early on Saturday morning and treat myself to a free class.

But when the time comes, I'm usually busy or I conveniently forget about the scheduled class. Luckily for me, Sephora has released some of their makeup application tips via their YouTube Channel.  This tutorial, in particular, has made a huge difference in the appearance of my under eye circles. By adding one quick step to my concealer routine, I get better and more natural coverage.

Whenever  I attempted to cover dark circles & blemishes in the past, I produced mediocre results.  Turns out that I was doing it all wrong.  There was one crucial step that I failed to implement.  Once I learned of that missing step (thanks to this Sephora video), I immediately tried it to see if color correcting makes that much of a difference.

I quickly ran to my makeup stash to locate a long lost  Makeup Forever concealer palette.  I followed the instructions of the video by finding the right corrector shade based on my skin tone.  After applying concealer, my dark circles were practically nonexistent.

I know you're dying to try this dark circle concealing magic trick for yourself.  Check out this video for full details.

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